Top 10 Smartphone Brands to look out for in 2020


The year 2019 offered more than we asked for concerning different types of high-end, mid-range and low-end devices. The immediate past year delivered on all its promises, but year 2020 though promise a lot more. There is plenty to forward to in the new year. Here are our top 10 pick and the best smartphone makers to keep tabs on this year in no particular order.



Apple is a brand that needs no introduction in the smartphone market. They are an industry leader. They dictate the pace and they also take the lead while others follow. Last year, they released one of their finest series ever, the iPhone 11 and before that was one of their best selling pieces, the Apple iPhone X. If you are a lover of high-end gadgets and if you love anything Apple, here is an opportunity for you to get the best deals when you shop on Jumia.



Samsung is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of affordable smartphones. In 2019, they released quite some outstanding devices among them are the Galaxy A series, the Note 10 series, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+ and not forgetting the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We are so certain that in 2020 they will deliver a lot more. If you are searching for low-cost Galaxy phones, here is a link for you to check out some of the most affordable pieces.



In Nigeria, Tecno is one of the leading mid-range smartphone brands currently on the market. Since its introduction a few years ago, they have been consistent, and they continuously release new but budget-friendly devices. As one of the most sought after brands on the mobile phone market, they have been steadfast when it comes to creating appealing and eye-catching devices that are at the reach of everyone that desire to own affordable smartphone. Apart from looking at what you should expect in 2020, you can also look back at some of the hottest models that boss 2019 right here.



Huawei is no doubt a brand that commands so much respect and worth look out for in 2020. They put out budget devices like the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro to the P30 Pro. The company is due to announce its flagship P40 and P40 Pro handsets soon. The recent US trade dispute with China will not affect some of the newly released models as they will still be sporting Google apps, receive Android updates and will work with Google app services like the Google map and more. So, you need not worried about your favourite smartphone brand as we got you covered with a wide range of premium pieces.



Infinix delivered one of their best inventions in Infinix Hot 8 and Hot 8 Pro last year. This year you can be sure of something better and affordable. They also promise superior hardware improvement as well as an upgrade in screen technology for better visual and user experience. If you are ready for a smooth ride with Infinix now is the time to find out about their latest smartphones.



If you have been looking for the sleekest smartphone on the market, Xiaomi has you covered with the best in the mobile phone market. Mi produces mid-range Android devices that compete favourably with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Tecno and others in the industry. However, there is something Mi offers that other brands do not, and that is large memory space both onboard and on the RAM. If you are a heavy user of storage space, then you might want to check out this particular brand this year for better storage space.



This is an entry-level brand with a massive prospect in 2020. If you have not gotten a large purse but you are interested in top-quality gadgets, now is the best time for you to find out about some of their amazing products. These products are known for their uniqueness, quality and low-cost tag.



Nokia is one of the brands you should look out for this year and is one of the telecommunication company that first penetrated the mobile phone market in the early 2000s with their iconic 3310. It known for its Windows phones, but they have switched to the world’s most popular mobile OS. They now make affordable Android gadgets that are highly competitive. Most of their products now run on the latest Google software.



If you are conversant with international football like the Italian SerieA or the Spanish La Liga, you will see Oppo on the advert board in almost all the stadium. What this means is that Oppo is a global product with an outstanding product. The Oppo Reno2 is one of the trendiest phones that ruled in 2019 with premium features. This year, you should make sure you look out for this brand for pocket-friendly pieces.



If you need a statement phone, Oukitel is all you need. This brand has mastered the art of making elegant smartphones that are very colourful and affordable. You will find a broad collection online at reasonable prices.