10 Valentine's Day gift ideas that show how much you care


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, lovebirds, that one day in the year we’ve set aside for celebrating our ability to love one another. And before the singles start bemoaning their singlehood, let it be stated that the love being celebrated here isn’t exclusive to couples. You can also show love to your brother, sister, parents, best friend, or just about anyone you know or truly care about. Sure, one could argue that we need to practice that type of love as part of our everyday lives, but that is not the purpose of this post.

We are here to discuss gift ideas, because the only thing worse than a last-minute gift with very little thought behind it is no gift at all. So don’t be that guy or girl who still hasn’t gotten their loved one a gift a day before Valentine’s. You don’t even have to spend a fortune; what matters is how much thought you put behind the gift itself, and how effectively it meets the needs of your loved one. Which is why we have assembled these 10 gift ideas to help you express your love this Valentine.

1. Flowers

A bunch of roses

“Na flower pesin go chop?” comments aside, nothing says “I love you” better than a bouquet of freshly-picked roses. At the very least, it shows that you care since flowers have come to be regarded as a universal symbol for care and affection.

2. Wristwatch

A designer wristwatch

Does your loved one tend to show up late for dates or appointments? Then throw them some subtle shade this Valentine’s Day by gifting them a designer wristwatch. They’ll not only look good wearing it, but also no longer have an excuse for not being on time.

3. Matching Mugs

A couples' mug with the words "Beauty" and "Beast" printed on them.

This one is clearly for the couples among us (unless you’re a dude looking to take that “bromance” to the next level). Chances are you already look cute together anyways, so you might as well lend that chemistry more cred with a pair of matching mugs.

4. Dinner Reservation

A closeup of a wineglass at a restaurant

If you’re planning to spend some quality time with a loved one on Valentine’s, then why not over a candlelit dinner at their favorite restaurant? Just be sure to make a reservation because all the good establishments are almost guaranteed to be full that day.

5. Romantic Getaway

A poolside view at a resort

The good thing about this year’s Valentine falling on a Friday is that the fun and romance doesn’t have to be confined to just one day. You could book an entire weekend of activities for you and your loved one at a resort and get three whole days to yourselves.

6. Movie Date

Some popcorn on a movie concession stand

If your Valentine happens to be a movie buff, then making plans to see a movie could be a good way to spend time on Valentine’s Day. It is important that you choose a movie you’d both enjoy though, and that you reserve your tickets ahead of time to avoid getting there to discover your chosen movie and showtime is sold out.

7. Shaving Kit

A Men's Grooming Kit

Ladies, is your man a proud member of the beard gang? Then help him take control of that overgrown neckbeard with a shaving kit. You can even throw in some beard oil for the full-blown beard grooming experience.

8. Fragrances

Bottles of Perfume

Smelling good should not even be an option, it is a requirement. So show that loved one that you care with a bottle of their favorite perfume. Make sure it is one that also appeals to you too though, since you’re the one that would be taking a whiff of it whenever he or she walks by.

9. Jewelry

A Jewelry display

Put a little more swagger in your significant other’s style by gifting him some eye-popping bling. It would not only help him stand out in a crowd but boost his overall confidence as well.

10. Chocolates

More chocolates than you can shake a stick at

Nothing mends a broken heart faster than a box of chocolates. So having a box handy on Valentine’s Day is a must, especially if you’re hoping to slip back into the good graces of a loved one you’ve previously wronged. It could also act as a self-administered painkiller, you know, just in case all your fancy plans go sideways.

We hope you’ve found this guide to be helpful in your search for the perfect Valentine’s gift. Still not sure what to get your loved one? Then check out our Gift Finder on the Jumia App.