12 Things You’ll Relate To If You Take Public Transport In Lagos


When you’re trying to get on moving bus/ public transport.

Wait now!

When you get on the bus because the driver calls your destination, then he changes his mind.




What’s all these please?!

When you get on the bus and that fish smell hits you.

public transport
Oh my God!!!

When there’s traffic and all the passengers are yelling at the driver to take an alternate route.

I’m not even here.

Then the driver takes an alternate route and the bus gets stuck in more traffic.

transport in Lagos
Can you people see now?!

When someone starts to sleep and they’re using you as an arm rest.

Is this one okay at all?

When you hear “My brothers and sisters”.

take public transport
Nope. Not today.

When someone on the bus is on the phone, and now you know his whole story because he won’t stop shouting.


When someone starts to chat you up.

Me? No. face your front.

When someone says “there is” instead of “owa o”.

You think you’re better than us abi?

When you’re getting down soon but the conductor hasn’t give you your change.

Oga oya oh!

When you’re using your phone and someone is looking into the phone.

Is it ya business?!