Corper Wee! It’s Time to Obey the Clarion Call


Corper shun! We at Jumia congratulate you on officially becoming a graduate of your respective institutions! Now that you are weeks away from becoming a certified ‘’Otondo Corper’’, we will be giving you a run-down of must have items to ensure you have a stress-free experience during your NYSC. Word of advice: Try as much as possible to grab these pieces before getting to camp because the prices at ‘’Maami Market’’ are ridiculous and highly inflated!  P.s – ‘’Maami market’’ is the name of the market in camp where you can buy food, stationery and also hide from the soldiers when you don’t want to observe lights out. Make sure you don’t get caught!

BACK-PACK: Ensure that you have all the right documents needed to complete your registration, this includes; Your Final year ID card, Call-up letter, Passport Photographs and Statement of results. Be sure to have multiple copies of these documents as you’ll need them to complete your registration. We suggest you purchase the Biaowang Waterproof Back-Pack to help keep all your documents organized.


WHITE T-SHIRTS AND SHORTS: White Tees are an essential part of your NYSC kit, so you definitely want to invest in a few, as you are not allowed to wear anything else. With the scorching sun and gruelling military regime, we recommend that you get as many as you can. The ChaseDeer Round-neck White T-shirt (4Pcs) is a steal! To complete your epic all-white  corper look, pick up the Fashion Plain White Shorts for just N2,540.















DISINFECTANT: NYSC camp is not known for its luxury 5-star amenities, so make sure you are armed with all sorts of disinfectants. A bottle of Dettol Hygiene Combo Plus goes a long way to ensure that you can have your shower and not worry about getting the itch straight after! The Joy!


FANNY PACK/ WAIST BAG: Listen, you are sharing a room with a bunch of people and your room will most likely be unattended to when you have go to lunch or march in the sun, so you need to keep your valuables safe at all times with this Generic Waist Strap Bag. Available for N8,000!


MOSQUITO NET: You live in Nigeria so you are probably used to mosquitoes by now, but let’s tell you something for nothing, the mosquitoes in camp are a different breed. We don’t mean to frighten you but it’s better safe than sorry. Get yourself the Universal White Mosquito Net for N3,620. As a matter of fact, bump this to the top of your list!


It’s important to think of the NYSC camp as an adventure and an opportunity to experience what it might feel like had you chosen to become a member of the Nigeria army! So keep an open mind and participate fully in events. This is a great opportunity to acquire new skills and network with people from all walks of life, plus, the army officers are not as scary as you might think. Stick to the rules and try not to remain in bed when the morning calls go or you run the risk of the soldiers soaking you in water like garri!

So get involved and enjoy the ride!