Happy New Year Folks!!!

Welcome to the beginning of 2013. Whoop Whoop!!!

We @ Jumia are really thrilled to start this year with our existing customers and create new relationships. We just want to let you in on what we have in store for you this year



Yessir! We have got new arrivals in our fashionbeautyelectronics and other categories.

It’s back to work and you know we’ve got your back right? Jumia now has Hawes and Curtis shirts for both male and female in addition to our other brands of shirts with new styles. Fever London has beautiful new dresses for work and you do not want to miss our Lemon shoes.




The coolest things on the block now though are the Soviet loafers. They are to die for. Guys, you should check out our David Wej boxers at a ridiculously cheap price.

Now to my favourite part, ACCESSORIES!!! We have Fab accessories and yes I do mean fab both in look and in name. Guys you should check out our Prag items as well.

Now you know we do not dull on electronics and phones, so of course we have a wide range from Samsung, Dell, Sony to Motorola, Iphones and Blackberry.

We know you are probably looking to save this period so Jumia has plans to help you save your money with great deals and discounts coming your way.

So what are you waiting for, if you have to shop, shop Jumia