The 2018 Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt – Tips and Clues


It’s about time! The Jumia treasure Hunt for BF starts at exactly 12am on November 2nd with jaw-dropping items at 99% off price. It is all yours, if you can find the hidden unit;

Below are a few of the treasures you can hunt for and win amongst many:

1. The iPhone XS Max originally priced at N499, 000 will be hidden at N5,000. Clue Search Jumia’s home & furniture category.
2. Samsung Galaxy S8 originally priced at N167,900 will be hidden at N2,000.
3. Leagoo Z6 which retails for N61,000 will be hidden at N150.
4. Bruhm 43-inch LED TV originally priced at N76,990 will be hidden at N8,00.
5. The HP Jaguar 15 Laptop (8GB RAM, 1TB HDD) originally priced at N499, 000 will be hidden at N5000. Clue Search Jumia’s women fashion category.
6. Gionee A1 5.5 inch usually sold at N58, 990 will be hidden at N600
7. Samsung Galaxy J2 core originally sold at N33, 227 will be hidden at N400 Clue Search Jumia’s home audio category.
8. Polystar 32 inch TV originally retailed for NN47,200 will be hidden at N500. Clue Search Jumia’s men shoes category.
9. Sony PS4 500GB + FIFA 19 CD will originally sold at N129,990 will be hidden at N1,500. Clue* Search Jumia’s men shoes category.

What you need to start hunting;
1. Download the Jumia app
2. Follow all Jumia social media handles religiously and consistently.
3. Do not miss the daily live video on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.


1. There is only one unit of the item you will be searching for at a particular time.
2. The item will not be in its regular section e.g. if it is a phone it might be hidden in the shoe category.
3. Once the item has been found you will have to order and make payment for it immediately. The fastest fingers win.

Gear up, be lucky, win big and feel happy with Jumia Treasure Hunt deals. IT JUST MIGHT BE YOU!!