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24 Apparel is one that has transcended the barriers of being qualified as just a brand. It is a lifestyle. The CEO, Temitayo Eyitayo, describes 24 Apparel as a line dedicated to providing the trendy Nigerian with the fashion quality they would have expected from an international outfit. This holds true as 24 Apparel has turned out to be the fastest growing and most popular apparel among the young generation of Nigerians with its polo shirts being spotted on A list artistes and celebrities just about everyday.

My Jumia Experience

Selling on Jumia has been remarkable experience. When we first started, we never even thought we would be going online so early into our existence. We only got it as an opportunity and we jumped at it’

We were surprised with the reception we got going online. Going online especially with Jumia has helped us solve many issues we faced such as getting our products from production to customers, converting admirers of the products to actual customers, and building customer confidence as ‘customers associate the quality of Jumia with the quality of 24 and this allows trust to be built in the minds of customers and potential customers’.

There are a lot of advantages in going online with E-commerce for brands in the Fashion Industry. I will advice other fashion retailers to make sure their products are being sold online as ‘the market place is drastically moving towards an online platform and this is only going to get bigger and better’. The main thing Nigerian fashion brands should have in mind should be to ‘focus on the quality of your products and your brand positioning, and let a reputable company like Jumia handle your e-commerce. It takes a world of stress off your shoulders and makes you more efficient’.

The future for 24 Apparel is to be a fashion house with whom Nigerians can point to as their sole representative for casual fashion in both the country and abroad, and Jumia shares in this vision with its continuous marketing campaigns aimed at promoting the brand. Jumia’s quest is to repeatedly go the distance to ensure this clothing line becomes a household name and one with which would be represented in every Nigerian wardrobe. Temitayo Eyitayo would agree that just as how it is priceless and magical to find someone who shares the same birthday as you it is also more so when you find someone who shares in your vision.

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This article was written by Yemi Kuti