“Rain! Rain! Go away, come again another day……” Familiar nursery rhyme? I guess we all prefer the showers in the coziness of rainy night while we are basking in the comfort of our bed.

At the peak of dry season when dust covers entire buildings, cars and wherever air can enter; we begin to earnestly ask for rain. Ironically once the rainy season obliges to the wish of the people and begins to send its “showers of blessings” in quick succession, we begin to express their dislike for the rain because when it rains, its pours!

Here are three reasons why the rainy days are better with Jumia

Flooding: Flooding has become a feature of the rain, which we are now accustomed to. Frankly! if you can beat the rain, you might as well make the best of the cool weather by living the life of a couch potato. Grab a popcorn or a barbeque, appease it with a cup of juice and enjoy the best image quality on a LED TV watching Game of Thrones or Euro 2016.

The rise of the mosquitoes: There is an unending battle for survival between the Mosquitoes and Africans as a result of the stagnant  water which is in abundance during the rainy season. There is no better way to defend yourself from the menance of mosquitoes than to attack with insect repellents.

The Mud flow: The splash of dirty water by an uncoming vehicle, the overflow of the disgusting gutter or a bad fall on a slippery-wet ground might be inevitable during the rainy season. The dirts that come along with annoying incidents can be washed of easily using the best washing machines.