3D TVs: What you need to know


Virtual reality is the future of entertainment. If you are not watching TV in 3D. It’s time to stop drinking your stale entertainment kool aid. You are invited to join the cool club now. Really! How more thrilling and enjoyable can it get experiencing motion picture on your TV as if it were happening in real-time, like you are transported into an alternate reality, live. Dope and immersive, right? Now imagine bringing that viewing experience into the convenience of your sitting room. Who needs the cinema when you have one right in your home.


Since you are mostly likely new to the cool gang of 3D TV owners, let’s walk you through tidbits of 3D TV functions and features.

– So let’s bust your bubble quick. Not all movies have 3D versions. And 3D TVs are essentially TVs that come with the 3D function as a feature. Meaning you need to wear a 3D glass if you want to watch a 3D movie or else you will only be seeing blurry images on the TV.

– Screen size also matters when going for a 3D TV. Though available in most screen sizes, it is more enjoyable on a wider screen. When going for a 3D TV, do make sure it is nothing less than a 43-inch.

– To get quality 3D experience you should watch from a reasonable distance. Ensure you’re sitting some distance away from your TV. When you are too close to the Television, the whole cinematic feel would be defeated.

3D Television

Always take note that you need the 3D glasses to view 3D movies properly. Without the glasses, the images would appear blurry. Most TVs do not come with the glasses. Some just come with one 3D glasses.

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