4 effective ways to inspire your child


Children need motivation. Your child needs inspiration. Sometimes it is good to say several words to push them on a journey they would naturally decline to go on.

Not everyone is brave enough. Children too. It is obvious in interactions with them. They are most of the time fiddling with their clothes, twisting their fingers or looking down.

Always go out of your way to motivate children. It doesn’t matter what class or occupation you are known for.  Motivation is basically encouragement, and in building a sustainable for the future, it is important that you inspire a child everyday!

Here are some ways to motivate children:

Encourage them:

Your children need to know that they are the best in the world. No one will tell them this bit except for you. The importance of encouragement is to push your child forward and get them to tackle problems as they age on, always make it a point of duty to encourage them.

Affirm your love for them:

One means of expressing the five love languages is by affirmation. Your actions are not enough! Let them hear it from time to time.

Support them:

No child will go the extra mile if they are not supported. If your child is in a football or gymnastics team, basketball or hockey team, make efforts to go to their games. This is one of the greatest measures of inspiring your child.

It doesn’t have to be soccer, it could be playing the PS Vita with them or a board game in Monopoly, Scrabble and Chess. It could be a passion for Engineering, fixing things or even writing. Give them the tools and patiently stay an hour or two with them.

Spend time together:

Find time to spend with your children. It doesn’t matter how busy your day was. Asking them what happened at school is a start. Talking to them and watching Nickelodeon is a bigger plus.

My Dad always watches Nickelodeon with my sister and they grew an inseparable bond till date.


Go out of your way to inspire children. Teach them, train them. Without them, there would be no future.