4 Ways To Transform Your Living Room

Did you just move to your dream apartment, house or, neighbourhood? I bet you’re bent on making your living room your personal haven and sanctuary. There are a few widely known tricks and techniques employed by even interior designers and professional decorators that you can easily apply with minimal cost. They say – even the little things, matter. When it comes to designing your living room, they sure do. Paying attention to these little things can make the difference between a clearly lit, simple and modern living room or a cluttered house you do not wish to return to daily. The difference could be the addition of wall art, a flower or in some cases, your choice of paint colour.

From picking out your furniture to selecting your wall colour or choosing a lamp to decide on your preferred wall art, learn 4 ways to transforming your living room into a modern living room. Home decorators, over the years, have revealed significant secrets and shared ideas that have remained beneficial to homeowners – giving insights on how to achieve an elegant living room without hurting the pocket. Take a look at these smart decor tips and see how you can apply them to achieve elegance.

Minimalism is the new Kid on the Block

Minimalist room design dates back to the 1920s and is still regarded as one of the most innovative styles for living room decor. Sticking to the basics and jettisoning a complicated setup will definitely be great for your sanity. Clear out all the clutter. Get rid of piles of paper, car keys, shoes, empty cups, and other objects that are out of place. Look around and figure out what can and should be removed, what should be stored out of sight, and what items aren’t necessary then organise accordingly. Always repeat this process every few months each time with a new set of eyes.

Stick to the simple principle of “Quality over Quantity”. While it is always tempting to amass every piece of attractive furniture and decor items out there, remember it is not about how much, but how well. Figure out what items are good quality and a great fit for your living room while you get rid of all the non-essentials. Whenever you think of bringing in a new piece, go by the principle – bring one in, send one out. This will help you keep things simple and minimal. For storage of keys, papers, documents and items you’d need to store, always use stylish storage. With attractive storages, you can afford to have a little bit of clutter, but out of sight. This is especially great if you have got many little items you just cannot get rid of.

Use Bright and Illuminating Colours

Joseph Rey-Barreau, a lighting designer once said: “People have to understand that the colour of an object won’t look the same 24 hours a day”. While picking a colour for the walls of your living room, you have to consider how sunlight and bulbs affect your colour of choice. You also need to understand that how we see colour depends on the light the colour absorbs. Black would absorb any colour, White absorbs none and Blue will absorb Red.

Before picking out the theme colour for your living room, find out how your colour of choice works with different light colours. Evaluate with samples, remembering that natural and artificial light will at some point work together.

Throw in Modern Lighting

The importance of lighting in home decor cannot be overstated. With a statement, but inexpensive chandelier or lamp, you can take your living room decor to the next level. You can give your living room an artistic feel and a personality by opting for bold lights and lamps. A cascading chandelier will add a touch of sleekness to your room or a decorative lamp would be an exciting texture especially for an all-white room.

Pick Out Simple, But Elegant Furniture

When picking out furniture for your living room, start out with the basics. Look for the basic pieces like sofa, armchair, centre table and side table. Do the maths to figure out how much room you’ve got and how many armchairs, side stools and tables you can accommodate. Remember – Quality over quantity always. Do not just get any type of furniture, get those of high quality. Aside from the basics, add a little accent furniture. If you’ve got enough room, throw in an ottoman, a few art pieces and a smooth standing wooden storage.

There is no doubt, that a beautifully designed living room is every homeowners’ dream. Decorating and picking out the decor items is indeed a fun and exciting task especially if you plan to make your living room your sanctuary. With proper planning, keeping things simple and effective colour selection, your dream living room is just around the corner. For affordable home decor items, visit Jumia.

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