5 APP-solutely Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about Mobile Apps


Mobile apps have more or less come to take over the way we live. Nothing else has in the past few years dictated the way we think, talk, read, write, walk, sleep, eat, shop, exercise, socialise and work the way in which mobile apps have. Perhaps the perfect phrase which best captures the all encompassing nature of apps in modern day life was the one capture by Apple in the 1999 viral commercials; there’s an app for that! It is little wonder that as of last year, over 85 billion apps had been downloaded according to online statistics portal, Statista.

Nigerians have not been left out of the mobile app revolution. Research shows that Nigerians have an average of 5 apps downloaded on their smartphones. During the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, over 40% of orders placed were done via the Jumia Mobile App. Find below some extra app-solutely amazing facts about mobile apps in Nigeria:

According To Tech Bloggers, Apps Are The Most Downloaded Items From the Internet

According to a survey conducted by Jumia with the top 100 Tech bloggers in Nigeria, Apps make up the most downloaded items off the internet. Considering how many people religiously follow series and are quick to download new episodes as soon as they are released, this is impressive! Videos as we would then expect closely follow in second. Music, tips and tricks and games complete the list.

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Most Downloaded Local Content Android App In Nigeria – Jumia Mobile App 

Further confirming that Jumia is the biggest 21st century brand in Nigeria, the Jumia App is the most downloaded local content Android app in Nigeria. This goes hand in hand that the fact that Jumia is also ranked the most visited local website in Nigeria. What has got Nigerians visiting their respective mobile stores to download the Jumia App? Because experience is the new commodity! The Jumia Mobile App promises you an excellent shopping experience while detailed product information and reviews, one touch access to your account, over 150,000 products available at your fingertips and lots more.

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Nigerians Mostly Rely On Apps To Find Directions 

The survey conducted with the top 100 tech bloggers in Nigeria also had another surprise for us. Google maps, which is already a pre-installed app in most phones seems to really come in handy for Nigerians. About 57% of the responses suggested that. Meeting and socializing with people came in second commanding about 34% of the responses while shopping contributed to 11.4%. Others which included interesting tasks such as controlling the television, shooting a video, starting a car and more made up the final 8.6%.


Apps Use 5 Times Less Data Than Mobile Site

Apps uses up your internet data five times less than the mobile website do. What this means is that accessing the Jumia website via the Jumia App for example will take up 1gig of your data when the mobile website will take up 5gig of your data for the same length in time. Using the Facebook mobile app to socialize with friends is much more cost effective than visiting Facebook via the your mobile browser.

12 Android Apps Have Been Able To Hit 1 Billion Downloads

As at now, twelve apps have been able to hit the one billion download status on Android. Interestingly, 9 out of the 12 apps have Google as their developers with Facebook (2) and Whatsapp completing the 12. The first app to hit this milestone was Gmail in May last year while the last to join the exclusive party was Google Chrome in June this year. A lot can happen in a year 🙂


Since we are on the subject of Apps why don’t you go download the Jumia App. Download the Jumia App on your AndroidBlackberryiOS and Windows phones today!