5 Interesting Uses of Beer Other Than Drinking


A bottle of beer is awesome served chilled, right? What if we tell you there’s more awesomeness where that came from. What if we tell you there are many surprising uses of beer you probably didn’t know of. From household chores to better-tasting food, prepare to get more satisfaction out of your bottle of beer. No matter the type and state of the beer, these beer hacks will work perfectly fine for other uses without having to dispose of it.

1. Polish Wooden Furniture
Who needs vanish when you have beer. Dampen a soft cloth with beer, rub the surface of your favourite wooden furniture (dining table or chair). It goes from matt to shiny in seconds.

Uses of Beer

2. Eliminate Carpet Stains
No seriously, it removes stains for real!. Here’s how: pour beer over the stain of your choice, leave to soak in, use a towel to soak out the liquid. Test first, before going all.

Uses of Beer
Photo Credit: Allfloors Glasgow

3. Improves Your Hair
The lager’s ingredients cover the strands in B vitamins and proteins. As a result, the beer begins to repair damage while tightening the hair’s cuticles with sugars that bring shine.


4. Makes Meat Healthier
Studies have shown that, soaking your meat in beer reduces the amount of carcinogens in it. So, simply soaking your meat in beer automatically reduces your chances of getting cancer from the meat (Thank me later).

Uses of Beer
5. Soften the Skin on Your Feet & Face
Hair and meat aren’t the only things that can benefits from a beer soak. In fact, apply some flat beer to your skin, and you’ll find your skin refreshed. Thanks to the inclusion of yeast, beer works to soften tough, calloused skin and also balances the pH of your skin.


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