5 must-haves to bring the excitement of Rio Olympics to your home


With its beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscape, Rio de Janeiro is a city that appears on every sport’s fan bucket list.The 2016 Rio Olympics is here, and just because you’re not in Brazil doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action. You can recreate the colourful party atmosphere the Olympics is known for in your own home with these five tips!

Bring out the big screen: The most important part of the Olympics party will be ensuring that everyone has a good view of the game. If you don’t have a big screen TV, it might be a good idea to consider even buying) one. Another option could be to hire a projector plus large screen to watch the game in a really spectacular fashion.

Get snacking: It’s not a party without finger food! There’s nothing wrong with dip and crackers but since the World Cup is being held in Brazil this year, why not embrace the theme? Pastels are a popular finger food from Brazil; they’re guaranteed to go down a treat. For some sweet Brazilian delicacies, try Bolinhos de Coco, or Portuguese Coconut Kisses, which are delicious and simple to make. If you’re feeling adventurous, the national cocktail of Brazil is Caipirinha made with a sweet Brazilian rum, Cacha, lime, sugar and ice or you can go local buy ordering your favourite brand of wine as well as spirit.

Have fun with the decorations: Everyone will be focused on the games, so there’s no need to go overboard but it can be fun to decorate your home for the party. One simple idea is to hang some colourful accessories for the country you support; or you could embrace the Brazilian theme by incorporating the flamboyant national green and yellow flag into your decorating. Another fun suggestion is to cover the table with fake grass to mimic the soccer field. Soccer-themed paper cups, plates and cutlery can also help to set the stage for your World Cup party.

Don those jerseys: You might not think of getting dressed up when you’re making plans to watch the Olympics, but it’s all part of getting in to the World Cup spirit! Jerseys are a great way to make the party more colourful, they simply add spice to the party atmosphere and can certainly make things memorable for your guests.

Keep your home safe while you enjoy the party: Whenever you have a group of people over, there’s always a fear that things in your home will get broken or go missing. If you have valuables or fragile items that you want to keep safe so you can enjoy the party without worrying, consider putting them in a room where the door can be locked. You can take a proactive step of picking up an Insurance cover for your devices.