5 Must-have Travel Essentials


Travelling can be fun. We all love the feeling of packing our bags and jetting off to another location. As much as it’s interesting to go on adventures, there are some essential things, we must not forget on our trip.

  1. Headphones/Earphones – Music is life. Its sweet rhythms can keep you company while on the plane or road. Especially if you’re travelling alone. Nothing like good music to keep you going. headphones & earphones

2. Books – What better companion to have than a book? Books are a journey on their own. Stick to your favourite, most compelling genre, and you would be going on a fun, unforgettable double journey.

books online

3. Smartphone – Phones are second nature to everyone. Who needs a safari when you’ve got Google maps and compass on your phone. But be wise! Know when to switch off and ignore your phone. This is a trip. Enjoy it. No emails (except you’re one of those fanatic workaholics), no pointless IM chats. Just occasional fun usage.

mobile phones

4. Power bank – This is a no-brainer. Really! Who goes on a trip without a power bank? You do? Okay, maybe you do need a refresher. From powering your phone, camera to all our itsy-bitsy gadgets. We repeat. A power bank is one of the most important travel essentials.

Travel Essentials

5. Digital Camera – Seriously! Do we need to even mention this? How do you capture and preserve your timeless memories? What’s the point of the trip again? Now! Listen. Here’s what you need. DSLR cameras if you are feeling super human and want super quality, SLR cameras and regular Digital cameras for those smooth, epic images. For the super adventurous who scuba or sky dive, hike or love high-energy action, the Go-Pro action camera is your must-have.

Travel Essentials

What do you think about this list?

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