5 reasons why every man must own a pair of Loafers


A lot of men would gladly sacrifice comfort for style, while some would not compromise on style. An unending divide about footwears amongst the male folks. While many being comfortable in what you are wearing makes you stylish, some believe comfort is not a big price for looking stylish.

This leaves a question, is there a shoe that can combine both comfort and style? YES! Men’s loafers are a perfect combination of style and comfort. Imagine being in the comfort of your bed and you will have an idea how it feels when you feet slips into this classic shoes.

Hassle Free: You can simply slip a loafers on without bothering about tying your Also  biters and blisters are a thing of the past

Comfort factor: If you are among those who select comfort over style. They are cushioned to give absolute comfort withtout asserting pressure on your feet

Casual as well as formal: Many are under the impression that loafers can only be won on casual occasion. The good news is that loafers are made in causal and formal designs. If you are tired of wearing formal shoes to the office, you can try on a loafers and be sure its comfort will boost your productivity

Versatile: Loafers can be worn with almost any outfit and as such gives you the opportunity to experiment with it. They can be paired with suits or a pair of jeans. They can also be worn with a chinos, shorts and native attires.

Variety to choose from: Be it penny loafer, double/single monk strap, monk strap,  Tassel loafer, boat shoe, kilted loafer or horsebit loafer, you have an assortment to choose from. Most of them are in leather and available in a wide variety of colours

Whether you already on a pair of loafers or you are yet to experience its comfort, click here and be spoilt for choice at our assortment of loafers at discounted prices.