5 Things You Need To Know About The New Innjoo i2

innjoo i2

[rad-hl]Innjoo[/rad-hl] the UAE Smartphone leading branding recently launched in Nigeria has since been making waves with exclusivity on Jumia.com.ng. The New smartphone has hit the streets and people are talking about how affordable the smartphones are with the release of the pioneer phone (Innjoo i1s) in Nigeria.

The latest smartphone model from Innjoo has just being unveiled in Nigeria on Jumia and here are the 5 major things you need to know about the Innjoo i2

1. HD Definition – Display

The Innjoo features a 5inch display which is a unique Innjoo smartphone size. The smartphone comes with HD display boosting the screen resolution with IPS technology 1280 x 720 double glass structure for better Top notch display.

2. Camera

The Innjoo i2 smartphone comes fully equipped with a 5mega pixel camera to capture all your exciting moments. Adding to that the New i2 has an auto-focus lens that can capture pictures continuously at a fast speed. The Smartphone also comes with a front selfie camera with its 2mega pixel it can take good close shots.

3. Innjoo App Store

The Smartphone comes with an already installed Innjoo App store that has all your favorite applications from gaming to music and other android applications. All free in the Innjoo App store. This feature is very unique for an android phone with a replacement for your regular Google store.

4. Gesture control

The feature brings customers a bit closer to their smartphone with the user experience like no other. The gesture control allows easy control of the smartphone with button like pointers on the screen like shortcuts to access favorite smartphone features on the touchscreen.

5 . Operating system and processor – The Innjoo i2 like the Innjoo i1s operates on the latest Andriod 4.4 Kitkat. It also comes with an upgraded Processor the octa-core 1.4GHz processor which gives the phone the powerful speed it needs and balances power, while using lower power giving users more power to play around with their smartphone (Internet, games, downloading).

And finally the price of the [rad-hl]Innjoo i2[/rad-hl], this is one of the important things you need to know about the new smartphone as it is one of the most affordable in Nigeria at N19,995. You can get a smartphone for less with all the great features on the must have smartphones.

This article was written by Olamide Amosu