5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Old Outfits


On a shoe string budget? And you just must hang out with those old school friends of yours, do not lose sleep over it. Here are 5 creative ways to inject life into that beat-up wardrobe!

Scarves are the way to go! You simply can’t go wrong with a vintage scarf. There are a million and one crafty ways to look gorgeous in these antique pieces. You can decide to tie it around your bag handle, your neck as a head tie or even as a belt. How funky can fashion get!

jazz up your old outfit

 Rip those jeans ; Something really special about denims that’s priceless, they are never obsolete. Hardly do jeans wear out and even when do they do, it becomes a new style entirely. Talk about regeneration! You can decide to rip those old denims in the right places or even have them washed out for a classy casual look.

jazz up your outfit

Accessorize with new buttons ; Have no clue what to do with that old shirt or blouse, why not change the buttons to bigger or brighter ones to give your outfit a completely different look. The good thing about buttons is that they come in countless variety and can be used for several fashion ensembles.

fashion style on Jumia

 Swap with Friends; One nice way to bring more life to your wardrobe is to swap some of your old clothes with your very good friends. Its cheap and fun! You can decide to swap an old denim your buddy loves for a white pant that may be too tight for your friend. There are endless ways for the barter.

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Check the fit; Very important! There is a thin line between looking drab or sharp considering the fit of your outfit. Do not hesitate to throw out those ‘unfit’ clothes for your tailor to make those necessary adjustments.

jazz up your old outfit

Time to go for that hang out you have been looking forward to!

This article was written by Aisha Aburime