7 Wonder Women; Celebrating the Empowered Woman (6th Edition)


Hi Guys, we hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Its the time to relax from the weeks’s hustle. For your reading pleasure, meet our Wonder Woman No. 7 today, Kemi Famoti.

  1. Tell us what you currently do and how you make a difference in this position. Currently I am the head of sales force for Jumia Nigeria.  The position of a sales manager is a major role in retail company.  A major difference made I have is expanding Jumia offline sales to about 6 other states in Nigeria with a plan of hypergrowth within the next 6 months. Also the team has increase in its revenue percentage of over 60% since the time I joined the team early last year.
  1. What’s your biggest challenge when trying to balancing work and life generally? My biggest challenge is spending lots of hours managing agents on the fields and making sure I have dinner ready for the family by 7pm daily.
  1. Make it happen! What are those products you cannot do without in your daily life  (gadgets,home appliances, health and beauty products, exercise equipment) My cell phone, my lipstick, my computer, my note pad, my face powder.
  1. What are your hobbies and what books inspire you? I Love to travel. I try as much as possible to visit different countries every year. Also visiting other states in Nigeria recruiting for Jumia has been very interesting.
  1. How do you relax and unwind? What do you use to relax? I watch a lot of movies and spend a lot of time with family.
  1. What are 5 key items in your purse? My atm card, pen, notepad, lipstick and cell phone.
  1. A few word of inspiration to every woman out there.. Dream big, Follow your dreams and do not let anything come in your way. You dream it, you live it.

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This article was written by Aisha Aburime