A Few Fashion Must-Haves for the Season


Fashion trends change from time to time and as it does, we’ve got to keep up with it and stay in style. Some people prefer to invest in fashiontrends, while some just buy new dresses because they need it. We all know that keeping up with fashion trend isn’t a stroll in the park, but there are certain fashion items that you’ve just got to have in your wardrobe.

For the Ladies

1. Blazers: They come in different colours and designs, but which ever one you choose to buy for yourself, be sure that it fits your body size and it’s not too tight. Most ladies put on tight blazers and end up looking like big teddy bears in them. I would recommend attractive colours such as pink, orange, white, etc. Then if you’d like to keep it cool and simple, definitely a black blazer.


2. Sheer Tops (Chiffon): Okay… If you haven’t got one of these in your wardrobe, you’ve probably been living in another planet. Chiffon tops are extremely trendy and completely amazing. They’re actually a favorite of mine. I can barely go 2 days without wearing. They’re stylish and perfect for the Nigerian weather. Get one or many.


3. Maxi Skirt: Pair up a blazer with a maxi skirt and you’ve got a sizzling trendy look. It fits perfectly on any body type and for almost any occasion. Also, they come in different textures and designs.


4. Nude Shoes: Nude is the new black. Yes it is. Believe it or not, it goes with virtually any colour of outfit you put on. Why else is it called “nude”? Get it? So ladies, it’s about that time you get a pair of nudes. Don’t always think black when you don’t know what colour of shoe to put on. Go with the nude.


5. Necklaces: Your outfit isn’t complete without accessories. Some ladies like to accessorize to the fullest, while some just go the simple route. But after all of that, the one accessory you must have is a necklace. Sure you would just go out with a wrist-watch and ear rings (though some do without the ear rings). Necklaces are very much fashionable and are now even in different designs and sizes.


For the Men

1. Chinos: They’re available in almost every colour and can go with virtually anything; polo shirts, t-shirts, smart shirts. You can pair these up with either loafers or boat shoes.


2. Brogues: I’m sure most of you know this shoe, but not many know it’s actually referred to as “brogues”. I
call them the shoes for the real man. They’re highly stylish and sophisticated; perfect for dinner outings, formal meetings, and other corporate or important events. One thing I like about them is that they give you the ultimate smart look, without much effort.


3. Retro Sunglasses: It seems almost everything we put on nowadays it retro-themed. Ray Ban and Aviators are very good examples of retro sunglasses. Not a bad item to invest in.


4. Prints: From printed shirts to printed pumps. These vintage-influenced prints are getting more desire than expected. I particularly like them, because I find it a bit edgy and creative. The printed shirts can go with either chinos or jeans. For a day out with the Mrs. or a night out with the boys, they fit perfectly. They’re quite affordable and come in different colours and prints.


As time goes on, trends will come and go, but for now, here’s what I have to offer for the moment. You might not fancy the trend thing, but it won’t hurt to get a couple of the above mentioned items in your wardrobe. You can always shop for them from Jumia Fashion and have it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

This article was written by Ifeoma Okolie