Apple versus Android – A Case For Apple


There is nothing you can say to an iPhone user. They look down on other phone users as mere mortals and to them nothing comes marginally close to an Apple iPhone. In fact social media is littered with mirror selfies with iPhone users who look more intent to show off the Apple logo of their phones than their actual look.

Why is this the case? Certainly it can’t be just hype that would make hundreds of people camp outside of Apple stores all night every time a new iPhone is to be launched and it is not an adrenaline rush which makes iPhone fans crash the Apple website every time an iPhone preorder is made public.

Some say it’s the simplicity, some have said it’s the sophistication but here are the top five reasons why an Apple iPhone trumps an Android phone any day any time.


Apple say they want all their phones to be extremely easy to use. It is their goal that when you want to perform a task on your phone it is the first instinctive thing that comes to your mind that is the step to take. They have gone a long way in achieving this. You can go an entire lifetime using an iPhone without having to open a manual or check Google for how to perform a task. Maybe it is due to the many gimmicks associated with Android but you would often find yourself clueless on how certain things operate.

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All iPhones perform like all iPhones. If you get a new iPhone you do  not need some getting-use-to time to figure out all the function. This is where Android falls short. Every Android phone manufacturer has it’s own different type of Android OS, you might be familiar/like a particular Android phone but be completely ignorant/hate another.


If you have multiple Apple devices, an iPhone would rub the right spot. All Apple devices are made to seamlessly synchronize between each other. You can start up some work on your Apple Mac, continue it on your iPad and finish it up on your iPhone all in a heart beat.


APPsolutely The Best:

Apple has consistently been able to get the best apps first and sometimes even exclusively. This is from utility apps to gaming apps. Instagram for example was initially exclusive to Apple iPhone users before Android and Blackberry.


Beautiful Designs:

Very few Android phones can lay claim to having a better design than the iPhone. Apple has apparently found the right balance between design and functionality which has so far proved evasive to Android manufacturers. The iPhone 6 for instance is like god among men when put beside any other phone.

apple versus android at jumia blog

Other points Apple fans will also be quick to point out are the fact that the can get the latest OS as soon as its out as opposed to Android and the Media atmosphere is a whole lot more exciting due to the availability of iTunes.

The Android versus Apple argument is not one to be entirely won any time soon. In fact the winning argument is that the different operating systems of Android and iOS are actually tailored to fit different personality types. Your personality + priority = the better Operating System! So who wins? Android or Apple?

This article was written by Yemi Kuti