The Archos 59 Xenon Review


It would be fair if you said that French mobile manufacturing giants, Archos, have only so far been bubbling under. However, the introduction of the Archos 59 Xenon tells the tale of a company that is now ready to take the mobile market by storm and thereafter dominate the proceedings! Archos is a Greek word for ‘Master’ and the quick acquaintance with the Archos 59 Xenon brings to your realization that this high-performance-low-price phone really is a Jack of all trades, master of ALL!

If Archos isn’t a household name yet, the Archos 59 Xenon is the model set to make Archos the most talked about and sought after brands in the Nigerian mobile market. With the volume of press and attention that the Archos 59 Xenon is already generating, this seems a mission with an extremely easy target. Ask any of the more popular mobile manufacturers if there was a phone they wished they had produced themselves and the name ‘Archos 59 Xenon’ is sure to be a reoccurring mention.

archos 59 xenon


Display: 5.94 inch HD IPS

Dimensions: 167 x 83 x 8.6 mm

OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Camera: 5MP frontcamera |  8MP rear camera with flash

Memory RAM: 1gig

Storage: 16gig, can be expanded with a micro sd card

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, WiFi Hospot

Battery: 2500 mAh


In the world we live in, ‘big’ and ‘beautiful’ are two words you hardly see in the same sentence. However, the Archos 59 Xenon is one big phone which still possesses a beautiful and attractive design. With a screen size of 5.94”, the Archos 59 Xenon is not just larger than life in the area of size, but also in the area of excitement. Both the black and white color variations are a joy to hold and behold and it will not take long before the Archos 59 Xenon becomes your most important fashion accessory.

Operating System and Connectivity

The tagline for Archos is ‘Entertainment your way’ and nothing could be more spot on! Running on Android 4.4 Kitkat, the Archos 59 Xenon offers you one of the best stages to enjoy the flexible performance of Android. The Quad core processor and 1gig RAM also brings to the party the speed and power you need by your side when you surf, socialize and share. In the area of connectivity, the Archos 59 Xenon does not leave any room for condemnation. You have at your disposal Bluetooth v4.0, USB, WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot).

Camera and Video

The Camera of the Archos 59 Xenon has the power to turn photography from your hobby to a habit. You are promised crystal clear and picture perfect shots at every snap with its 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Going with the Entertainment your way trend, the Archos 59 Xenon also comes with a camera app complete with Panorama and editing tools to ensure that you have your say in how breathtaking your pictures end up being. Whether you are recording videos or capturing frozen moments in life, the Archos 59 Xenon is your best best for the best price.


H+ technology which is a feature which protects you against dropped and unclear calls is one that is always a welcome. Going back to basics, it does not add up for one to have a phone with a million features but no clarity when you make and receive calls. The Archos 59 Xenon makes sure this isn’t the case with H+ technology fully available. Dual sim capabilities also helps you manage your contacts, calls and credit they way you want to. The Archos 59 Xenon video application is also one that is best experienced than explained. With other 15 years of codec, format and mobile media knowledge, you will be in for the ultimate mobile experience.

archos 59 xenon phone

The Archos 59 Xenon has been described as ‘smarter than most’ and even more importantly is more affordable than most. Click here to place your order on Jumia and have it delivered to your location anywhere in Nigeria.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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