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Moments from the Trace Jumia MAD Fest

Let it not be your story that you missed the Trace MAD Fest.

We had so much fun on Saturday at the King’s College Ground, Victoria Island.

A huge crowd was waiting to grab our offline Jumia Bazaar deals. They were sold out in less than an hour.

Our Hisense 32 inch Television sold at an all-time low of 40,000 naira. Tecno K7 Spark went as low as 28,500 while the Infinix Hot 5 went so low as 25,000 naira.

We caught up with David, the happy shopper of the PS4 Bundle that had extra FIFA 18 in it. He was so happy to have gotten the deal at 75000 naira. He said, “I got the PS4 Bundle for 75,000 naira, I have never seen it go low for that price before.”

The Wheel of Fortune at the Jumia boot was real. People were queuing to spin. Some people got away with four vouchers!

Infinix gave out free Hot 5 smartphones at the event. Giveaways were flowing as the two winners of our eating competition won 10,000 naira each. Another 30,000 naira voucher was given to the fastest to fill up their cart.

Chill. Take a breather for this one. Grab your chilled malt and hold your breath for what is coming.

Are you following? Hope you have downed the malt? This is a MAD Fest gossip!


Niniola can dance! She called one guy to come dance with her. The guy wasn’t that good.She then called two other guys to come dance, you needed to see the explosion on the stage.



Efe money was there. He was throwing free copies of his album to the crowd. It wasn’t a show, it was an album giveaway. You needed to see the rush; there was almost a stampede.


Then Mayorkun came and sang Mama for us and when we thought it was over. The never say never guy, Skales came on board.


Wande Coal

When Falz the bad guy and Wande Coal came on stage, I had heart attack! I lost my pulse, I lost my muse and I couldn’t write.



I tried to write again but I could only see black. And I realized it was still Black Friday and I have just three weeks left to place an order fast.

So I logged on to the Jumia Wheel of fortune to spin. After that, I tried to check out the deal with the App. Apparently, the shirt that sold for 1,500 was now slashed to the amount I grabbed on the Wheel of Fortune.

I won today. I will definitely win tomorrow. Let me redeem my voucher.

The Big Bang is here! There will be a massive price explosion on the November 24!! Get ready for the price crash!



“Joseph, I am pregnant.”

Those were the words that welcomed me after we had hugged in our usual manner and my hands had lingered on her waist for a little while longer.

I was transfixed to the spot.

I had decided to spend lunch time with her. I carried a parcel in hand, she obviously had been working much and I planned a office romance sort of.

She always lived a stone throwaway. At home, it was two streets away. At work; it was the same. A 20 minutes drive was all it took.

But for the past two weeks, she had been returning late. Working more night than day shifts. I wasn’t CEO yet, maybe I would never know how it felt. Many times her fog lights were the way we greeted when she was returning in the morning.

So you can see the reason why this news was a shock. We hadn’t touched in a couple of weeks now.

I took my seat and I pondered for a bit.

“When did the doctors confirm this?” I asked.

“6 weeks ago.”

“And you couldn’t tell me until now?”

“Because of reasons like this. I knew you would ask questions. And examine it. It is yours, you and I know it.”

“But I deserve a right to know,” I added. “Is that the reason you haven’t dropped by, even at weekends?”

She smiled. She took off her signature jacket to reveal the white body-con fitting gown that amplified her whole feature.

She stood and walked over to the other side of the desk and sat on the desk, so close to me that our legs touched each other.

“Honey, this is not an argument. This is our child we are talking about here, and me. I want to keep him, I don’t know if that is okay with you. I just want to know if you will support me.” Sara surmised with a note of finality.

Argument over. We were not the couple to argue but Sara was perfectly honest with me.

“But Sara…”

“Shhh…” She placed a hand to my lips and dropped a light kiss on mine.

“What do you have there? I am starving.”

I opened the package with her favourite order. She was always a fan of jollof rice and small chops, so I brought her an assorted variety from her favourite restaurant. We had lunch together, and flirted but I wasn’t convinced.


I wasn’t. And after spending more than an hour at her office, I didn’t want her to keep it. I had to do something.

I pulled up at Nonye stores in the evening. My double honk alerted the guard who was obviously sleeping on duty.

The gate was open and I just drove in. Straight to the main complex.

I wasn’t ready for pleasantries.

“Is Uzor in?” I asked the smiling receptionist.

“Yes…but he’s busy,” she responded.

“Tell him I’m here,” I proceeded for the secret elevator. “This is not a stairs matter, it is quite serious,” I said to myself.

Uzor was attending to some patients when I pushed open the door. It seemed like a counselling session. He had learnt quite a lot from Dr Mbabara, the doctor that trained us in drugs and apothecaries.

I was Uzor’s valuable intern and the more I look at what he has done with Nonye Stores; the company named after his wife, I smiled at our humble beginnings. And all the intrigues associated with Mine Pharmacy, where we all began.

“What are you smiling at?” Uzor asked as he closed the door behind him, entering the office where I was passing time.

“You remember Mine Pharmacy and Dr Mbabara?” I asked with a smile.

Uzor chuckled and then smiled.

“That is a long time ago, my friend.”

“What brings you here?”

“I need to stop a foetus of 6 weeks old. What do you recommend?”

“Who is the girl?”


And then the silence came. It engulfed our heads. Uzor was silent, uneasy, he shuffled in his chair, speechless.



MAD Fest Stars Tomorrow

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Argentina: 2 – Nigeria: 4! Who was your Man of the Match in Yesterday’s Game?

Who was your Man of the Match in yesterday’s thrilling encounter of the Super Eagles versus the Albiceleste?

Never have I ever seen Nigerians united and in one accord at the end of one match. The sad fact was that Messi did not play. I just keep trying to picture the look on his face, probably at home with his wife when the scoreline changed.

The Super Eagles gave a true show of form last night against Argentina. With a star-studded line up of Dybala, Mascherano and co. and we still triumphed.

Tell me what the Super Eagles cannot do.

Yesterday on the bus, people were just traveling home happily. There was light for the first time in a long time and the roads were peaceful. No commuter or commercial motorist was aggrieved, and that was unusual. Very unusual.

I couldn’t believe the scoreline myself and when I think of yesterday, I don’t think our good fortune was by sheer luck. This is the best time to be proudly called a Nigerian. And I happy to witness this great victory.

Who was your Man of the Match?

Was it Balogun or Iwobi? Idowu or Iheanacho? Mikel or Ekong?

Or our superb goalie?

Tell us! Comment below!

By the way, the Jumia Black Friday is still on. Hurry, don’t be told. Shop and enjoy incredible discounts!


4 effective ways to inspire your child


Children need motivation. Your child needs inspiration. Sometimes it is good to say several words to push them on a journey they would naturally decline to go on.

Not everyone is brave enough. Children too. It is obvious in interactions with them. They are most of the time fiddling with their clothes, twisting their fingers or looking down.

Always go out of your way to motivate children. It doesn’t matter what class or occupation you are known for.  Motivation is basically encouragement, and in building a sustainable for the future, it is important that you inspire a child everyday!

Here are some ways to motivate children:

Encourage them:

Your children need to know that they are the best in the world. No one will tell them this bit except for you. The importance of encouragement is to push your child forward and get them to tackle problems as they age on, always make it a point of duty to encourage them.

Affirm your love for them:

One means of expressing the five love languages is by affirmation. Your actions are not enough! Let them hear it from time to time.

Support them:

No child will go the extra mile if they are not supported. If your child is in a football or gymnastics team, basketball or hockey team, make efforts to go to their games. This is one of the greatest measures of inspiring your child.

It doesn’t have to be soccer, it could be playing the PS Vita with them or a board game in Monopoly, Scrabble and Chess. It could be a passion for Engineering, fixing things or even writing. Give them the tools and patiently stay an hour or two with them.

Spend time together:

Find time to spend with your children. It doesn’t matter how busy your day was. Asking them what happened at school is a start. Talking to them and watching Nickelodeon is a bigger plus.

My Dad always watches Nickelodeon with my sister and they grew an inseparable bond till date.


Go out of your way to inspire children. Teach them, train them. Without them, there would be no future.



Where do people keep their tickets?

Do you use Bus Rapid Transport (BRT)? If yes, where do you keep your tickets?

Funny question right? I guessed so too. But as I boarded a BRT to work one morning, the thought just strung up in my head.

Do you litter your tickets on the floor? Or do you keep it with you until the end of the ride?

Even if you keep the tickets successfully until the end of the ride, where do you drop it? Do you drop it outside the bus? Or you trash it in the waste can at work?


Where do you keep your tickets?


There is something about living in this part of the world that is peculiar with littering things on the floor.

It is more like a norm to buy Gala sausage rolls in traffic accompanied by some energy drink and dump them out of our vehicles.

In a city of hustlers on the go, all day, all week, it can only be interpreted as normal. Normal to drop tickets on the bus or maybe on the way.


Why do these things happen?


What if there was a trash can everywhere, would you still drop used items on the floor?

No! I noticed that a culture or a tradition can be incorporated as a popular culture if the needed amenities are readily available. The key to development is providing the needed tools and letting people make better use of them.

I have stayed in a work-space where trash cans are readily available at every desk. This is to curtail littering. It became a popular culture and the work-space was never littered.

Stay Woke! Trace Jumia Black Friday Mad Fest Is Coming Soon!

The fastest way to learn is by doing, and I believe if these trash cans can are provided everywhere even in buses; we could be on our way to eradicating waste that would be recyclable for better things.


Jumia makes MIT’s Top 50 Smartest Companies list 2017

50 Smartest Companies 2017

Jumia has been announced as one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the year 2017.

This announcement was made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the year 2017 in a list that saw Jumia take the number 44th position ahead of Sales force, Baidu, Ant Financial and Snap (owners of Snap chat).

Jumia formerly called (Africa Internet Group) was founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The Group which became the continent’s first “unicorn” startup was valued at over one billion dollars during a $327 million funding round that included Goldman Sachs among its investors.

Jumia has now grown to become a global market place, offering all its shopping services online in categories of travel, food, delivery, real estate and cars while trying to revolutionise the shopping experience of its numerous customers.

Jumia has proven to be a truly valuable company as it has continued to make the list of the MIT Technology review for the past two years, being ranked alongside Global heavyweights like Nvidia, Amazon, Tencent, Intel, Apple, Facebook, Tesla and Microsoft.

The MIT Technology Review is decided by editors who pick Superstar companies dominating the economy by exploiting a growing gap in digital competencies.

The MIT tech review is not merely a list of today’s biggest or most profitable players. It highlights technologically innovative companies whose business models allow them to exploit these advances.


Music Review: Easy (jeje) by Reekado Banks


In similarly relatable circumstances, with every boy girl relationship, Reekado tells us another popular story with one of his songs, Easy (jeje).

Jeje which is the pidgin interpretation for the English grammatical content word (Easy) is a song with a plea to his lady to take things calm.

This simple song with a danceable rhythm goes ahead to validate the MAVIN’s artiste as a multi talented act that has proven himself consistent and versatile to marry any genre together and still flow perfectly.

The musical monologue which is a direct address to his lover to be patient with him and consider his proposal of marriage on the first date is outrageous. And quite impossible for the people in the cadre who believe that love at first sight is untrue, fake or just a fictional concept known only to exist in music.

I mean, how can you just propose marriage to a lady at the first meet up?

Sure, you will be met with a funny reply like the condition his lover gives him.

A million dollars for a bride price is quite much for one lady don’t you think?

There you have it, Reekado Banks dilemma in this song, Easy, jeje. I believe it is a musical comical dilemma. The lyrics are quite profound and sound is great as well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Easy will jejely score a 7/10 for me. The lyrics well tally to the theme; not also excluding the reality the “Move” crooner brings into this song. It is something that can well happen and the demand for a million bucks is a very possible dilemma that can easily occur.

In a society where several demands are laid down at elaborate weddings, this could well just happen.