Beauty Essentials you should never leave home without


Ever had one of those days when you are going on with your day and you catch a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and you are like, “I should do a little retouch of my makeup.” Or “Goodness me, I look like I just escaped from prison!” I know I have, more than once I must say. No matter the situation, you never want to be caught looking less than beautiful. After all, you never can tell who you might run into. So, for this reason, I’m going to list some beauty essentials you do not want to step out of the door without.

1. Face Powder

Face Powder

The first must-have in your beauty arsenal is definitely some face powder. This could be an oil control pond or a brown powder, whichever suits you. You never know what emergency may come up during the course of your day that will require you to look bright and glowy. Powders gives an instant fresh look and help hide the blemishes on your face by taking out traces of oil and sweat.

2. Lip Balm & Lip Gloss

A woman applying lip gloss

Ever been out on a dry windy night and wished you had your lip balm with you? By dabbing on your lip balm, you save your lips from cracking out, especially during those dry Harmattan days. So be sure to grab some before leaving home to maintain those supple, dewy lips.

3. Wipes & Tissues

A woman using face wipes

This is very important, for beauty purposes and personal hygiene alike. Wet wipes can be used to wipe off dirt, oil and other impurities from your face, to give you a refreshed and clean look. You can use this also just before applying some face powder. It’s also highly essential for sanitary purposes (if you know what I mean).

4. Perfume

A woman spraying some perfume

Perfumes are the icing on the cake. Keep a bottle with you at all times and you’ll surely smell as good as you look. All you need to do is to put your favorite scent in a small container you can carry with you anywhere.

5. Lipstick

A woman applying lipstick

With this simple cosmetic, you’re only a dab away from brightening your face and making an effortless appearance at any time of the day. We can generally agree that your makeup is incomplete without some lipstick. So get yourself a great lipstick to inject instant confidence and character into your look. If you’re not into bright colors then you could opt for a nude shade instead.

6. Hair Brush

A woman holding a hair brush

Ever had a bad hair day? I have. So believe me when I say this comes in handy when you want to get that full head of hair back under control. Keep that style in place, smoothen out those wind-blown locks. Need we say more?

7. Makeup Bag

A makeup bag with items spilling out

What is a makeup collection without a cute bag to carry it around with you? Avoid having to rummage through your handbag each time you decide to touch up your makeup. Keep all your makeup organized with everything in one place. You also score extra confidence points for looking like you actually know what you’re doing, instead of turning your bag inside out like a crazy person.

Bonus: Needle & Thread

A needle with three threads

You never know when these two might come in handy. During those particularly nasty wear and tear episodes for example. So better safe than sorry.

Every woman has different priorities and affinities to certain products, but when it comes to looking your best, this should be considered non-negotiable. So be sure to remember this list of beauty essentials before you step out of your house next time. What other items do you have in your beauty bag of essentials? Let us know in the comments section below.