Best Of 2013- Review Gadgets


‘[rad-hl]Best Of 2013[/rad-hl]’

2013 birthed a  lot of changes and new innovations in the Technology world especially for Gadgets, with so many releases this year, from Mobile phones to gaming, computing and many more. These changes and upgrade certainly opened up doors for the next generation Gadgets which we will be seeing very soon as time goes by. Once upon a time we did not have computers and then one man came around with the innovation. One thing lead to the other and here we are today using as many gadgets as possible to listen to music, make phone calls, use laptops, work on the move e.t.c

This year we have seen new gaming revolutions with the new consoles Sony and Microsoft released. We have also seen a real time upgrade with Tecno moving from the regular type phones to properly built android devices competing with big mobile brands like Samsung . This year, Blackberry also made a huge move with the New blackberry messenger app, which is now available on all iOS  and android devices for cross communication messaging. These are brands that have been around for a while and continue to find ways to add value to their customers with the technology they provide.

In this post, I have selected the top and most innovative gadgets this year in Nigeria. We have loads of gadgets with several mind blowing features like increased internet usable speed of up to 4G,  Wireless and Hotspot features, social media access for photo distribution, and awesome cameras to capture great moments. Samsung also raised their game with the touch-free features like the Air Gesture to boost consumer experience. Apple was not left out in the Awesomeness race as they innovated the finger print feature and the New iOS7 on their phones which comes in different color variants, another twist to the usual Apple phones. Sony also stunned the market when they came out with their water resistant tablets.

Still in the bid to outclass competition, LG gave users more reasons to use the brand new LG phones with the multimedia remote control feature on the LG Pro and then Tecno went a step further to win the Nigerian market by putting state of the art features like that of the Samsung S4 in the Tecno Phantom F7 (Jelly beans 4.1, touch screen features, dual sim, Music access) all at a very affordable price.

To crown the year in a grand style, Sony about a month ago launched the new Playstation 4 which sold out 1 million consoles in the first 24 hours and has since being named the Console of the year beating the X Box one in the Nigerian market.

Here goes our list of Top gadgets for 2013


1. [rad-hl]Samsung S4: Multi-media Machine[/rad-hl]

2. [rad-hl]HTC One: The All Rounder[/rad-hl]

3. [rad-hl]Playstation 4[/rad-hl]

4. [rad-hl]Lg Pro: The Remotely Smart device[/rad-hl]

5. [rad-hl]Sony Xperia Z tablet: Android Tablet of the year[/rad-hl]

6. [rad-hl]Apple iPhone 5s[/rad-hl]

7. [rad-hl]Apple Ipad Air[/rad-hl]

8. [rad-hl]Tecno Phantom Series F7: The phone champion[/rad-hl]

9. [rad-hl]Samsung NX300 Smart digital Camera[/rad-hl]

10. [rad-hl]Nokia lumia 1020[/rad-hl]

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This Article Was Written by Olamide Amosu