The Best Christmas Deals Have Arrived

Christmas deals

With Black Friday behind us, now is the best time for you to find the best Christmas deals. I will tell you for free that there are still more magical discounts up our sleeves and here you have it. You don’t have to wait until the last day of Christmas before you can save more on decorations, fashion, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, video and games consoles, groceries, and other related ends of the year deals.

We want to make this a festive season to remember for you and your entire family with loads of brilliant deals. There will be plenty of amazing items for you to choose from. Find items ranging from small to large appliances, computers to smartphones, men’s to women’s fashion, boys’ to girls’ clothing. Get a good deal on your favourite Nigeria household staples like rice, Semo, wheat, vegetable oil, noodles, spaghetti and more.

If you have a busy schedule this December, don’t worry because we have you covered with plenty of time to get your holiday shopping wrapped up. There is going to be a wide range of items on sale throughout December. Here on Jumia Nigeria, we want you to know that not all deals you find online are good deals. So, you don’t have to fall victim to a bad “December” deals. However, we don’t just want you to click on that “order” button. We want you to take a look at some of the amazing items we have on offer for you this festive period.

Buy Affordable Smartphones

Looking for a new but affordable mobile phone? Are you planning to step up your game in 2020? The first game charger is to start the year with a statement smartphone. Get upgraded with a sophisticated, stylish and exquisite masterpiece that lets you roll with the big boys and girls in town.
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Get Reasonable Deals On Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for the best deal on a wide range of Xmas decorating items this season. Jumia has you covered with a handful of jaw-dropping deals on decoration. Find a large collection of Christmas decorations for your home, church, office, event or commercial centres at competitive prices.
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The Best Christmas Clothes Online

Get the best bargain on a wide range of clothing items during this festive season. Whether you are a man or woman looking for office outfits and dinner wears. It doesn’t matter what your pick is. Now is the best time to shop outfits for the new year and everything that come in-between all at a bargain price.
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The Best Christmas Deal On Electronics

The best time to fix your home up with new and affordable electronics is this time of the year when many top manufacturers would be introducing new electronic gadgets and giving out the old stock at reduced prices to create room for the new collections. The only secured and safe place you can get the right device that would meet your needs and requirements is right here on Jumia Nigeria. Get the best deals on your favourite brands at the lowest prices.
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The Best Christmas Hampers Online

Discover our collection of Christmas gifts and hampers. It doesn’t matter your status, levels, earnings, or preference. We have got something for everyone, whatever you want. Do you want champagne, Chocolate, tea or milk? We’ve got you covered with plenty that will surely delight you this season of celebration.
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Discover The Best Grocery Deals

Find the best grocery deals this festive season. Whether you are looking for drinks or beverages to serve to your guest, or you are interested in finding affordable food gifts to share with your loved ones. Whatever you are looking at getting are available in a wide collection.
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Find Affordable TVs On Jumia

Are you planning of making over your current home or are you moving from one apartment to another? Do you want to a new gadget or is your current TV too small for your room and you are looking at upgrading to a bigger and more advanced piece? Now is the right time for you to take advantage of the ongoing Xmas sales and strike a big and better deal on your favourite entertainment piece without having to spend your life savings.
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Shop Video Games, Consoles And Toys

We can bet that you don’t want your kids to experience a boring festive season while they are at home. Why don’t you invite some of your kids’ friends around and lets them enjoy their favourite video games with their friends? Thinking of a better game for them? We got you covered with a wide range of video games including Call of Duty, FIFA19, FIFA20, PES19, PES20 for both Sony PlayStation or Xbox game consoles at reasonable prices. Check out some of the latest PS4, PS3, Xbox One X, Xbox 360 consoles as well as their controllers.
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Get The Best Home Appliances Deal

The best time to of the year to get the best deal on different types of home appliances is December. This festive period is the best time to score huge deals on a lot of top-level gadgets for your home. Whether you are looking for large capacity refrigerators for your kitchen, washing machines for your laundry room, small kitchen appliances, air conditioners, fans, bathroom accessories and more.
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