How To have Beyonce’s Body: A Figure that will inspire a Skyscraper


Queen Bey’s body ain’t just about the curves, it is synonymous to the Australian Skyscraper. This celestial beauty is 5.7ft tall, 6.1kg in weight (just a little over a bag of rice. Caveat to the ladies), Bra size is 32c ( don’t ask me how I know, I don’t kiss ‘n’ tell), the US size 8 dress is what covers your imaginations and her statistics: 35-26-39.

The screen diva has a total of 20 awards and 53 nominations from the Grammys for her music (as a solo artist and with Destiny’s Child), she is the most nominated woman in Grammy history. If her shape and appearance cannot inspire you, the grammy awards or the skyscraper should arouse your interest to aspire to emulate some of her attributes:

Eat Healthy: Beyonce enjoys snacks to keep her energy levels up, foods such as fruit, oatcakes withcottage cheese, or yogurt-covered almonds. It’s important not to skip meals; Beyonce aims for three meals with two snacks in between each day.Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, and fish.

Form an exercise plan: Beyonce has to be able to handle the strenuous pace of dancing, singing, and touring. She works out five days a week and does 100squats, 100 step-ups, and 100 walking lunges a day. Beyonce does circuit training, and runs two-and-a-half miles each day but you can get a treadmill instead.

Be proud of your body. Beyonce has said that she “wears skimpy outfits” because she’s “proud of her body”. She’s not afraid to show off what she’s got, being proud to celebrate her body shape the way that it is. Doesn’t mean you should leave nothing to the imagination.

Wear what suits you. Beyonce is renowned for wearing beautifully tailored clothes that make the most of her good features. If you can sew or get your clothes tailored to your own body shape, you’ll find that you look your absolute best; clothes that fit properly flatter your body.

Love the person you are. Don’t seek to transform into Beyonce or be a dead ringer for her. You’re unique in your own right and while she offers a great inspirational role model, your ideal image of her must be tempered by the realities of what’s achievable with the body and lifestyle you’ve got.

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    1. Hi Kola, Self discipline and mental determination are all it takes. It will all be worth the effort when you start reaping its benefits.

    1. Hi Morayo. Just keep at it and I am sure it will yield results sooner than you expect.

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