BlackBerry Messenger App for Android & Iphone- Tech Monday


Blackberry (RIM) earlier this year surprised rival brands with the news of releasing the most used Mobile messenger ‘Blackberry Messenger’ as an Application on multiple platforms allowing users across mobile users to send messages from different devices such as iPhone and Android. This news gave users for other mobile devices more to look forward to, so they can connect with their friends and family around the world with the Free Messenger.


There has been speculations about the release date of the blackberry Messenger App on Android & iPhone but yesterday blackberry made a move to fuel speculations about the release date. Stating it will be released end of this month, September.

Rival Brands such as Samsung have gone a step further to promise that the New Samsung Galaxy will be the first Android Phone to carry the Blackberry Messenger App once it is released. Assuring Mobile Users of their access to the Communication Messenger which will give them access to chatting from multiple platforms to their friends and Family.

What Does Mobile users stand to gain from the blackberry Messenger App going viral?

– Latest Version of Blackberry Messenger 7.0.1 with Updated Features

– Free Chat with hundreds of Contacts at realtime around the world on different devices

– Free Voice Call on Blackberry Messenger Voice chat and many more

In Anticipation for the Launch of the Highly Speculated Blackberry Messenger App, we would share more with you about how you can get this Application if you are not already a blackberry user once it is released in Nigeria.


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This Article Was Written By [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]

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