Do it Like a Pro | 5 Amazingly Sleek Smartphones that won’t break your budget


Smashed screen, muffled calls and grainy selfies. You know you need a new smartphone now! But the thought of coughing up hundred of thousands of naira for a fancy camera phone at a time like this? No thank you.

Not to worry, we’ve got your back. Our techie insider has put together a list of sleek and slender smartphones with next generation cameras that will take your blog and social media content to the next level. What’s more, these budget smart phones are all under N200,000 naira!

1. Infinix Note 3: Your next secret weapon is only a click away! This super affordable Infinix Note 3 smart phone is the smartest phone of the bunch! Its fingerprint sensor serves not just as a lock screen but also as the camera trigger. Both its 13-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera come with an inbuilt ‘blue glass camera lens feature that captures crystal clear images even in the harshest light conditions. Its out-of-this-world 0.25s autofocus speed (which is one eighth the speed of the human eye by the way) allows for the most amazing photos wherever you are! But what really knocks the Inifinix Note 3 out of the park for us is its unique 450mAh battery and XCharge 3.0 technology, that ensures the phone is fully charged in 99 minutes with a 2day battery life!!! Talk about out of this world technology! This is the recommended smartphone for travel and lifestyle bloggers who spend hours on the go! Available from N54,700.

infinix note 3

2. Innjoo 2: Your next secret weapon is only a click away! This super affordable Innjoo 2 dual sim smart phone is the smartest phone of the bunch! Its fingerprint sensor serves not just as a lock screen but also as the camera trigger, allowing for maximum security when photos are being taken. With the InnJoo 2. 13 megapixels’ front and rear cameras, you are guaranteed flawless selfies as well as blur-free and professional looking pictures. Its 3200mAh polymer Li-battery is safe, long lasting and with its rapid charge technology, it only takes half the charging time of a regular smartphone. PLUS, its inbuilt stand by power saving function allows you to stay charged for longer. Available from N64,000.

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3. Tecno Camon C9: The cheapest, most affordable phone in our line-up is the Tecno Camon C9! With it’s 13 Megapixels, 83 degrees wide angle camera and stunning image quality, your blog is about to be the new craze in your online community. Amazingly, the front camera stands at 13 Megapixels too! The rear camera has a Coaxial 6P Optical Lens, and an Excellent Capture 2.0 feature to give your images a flawless finish. Available from N49,000.

Image result for Tecno Camon C9

4. Samsung Galaxy J5: Our line up would not be complete without the Samsung Galaxy J5! It’s amazing features such as the 13MP back camera, LED flashlight and autofocus make for sharp and crystal clear snapshots. The 5MP front facing camera and LED flash are all you need to take flawless clear selfies and videos. The super responsive AMOLED touchscreen of the Galaxy J5 and its 5.0-inch-wide screen make for the most amazing visual experience. It’s incredibly efficient Li-ion 2600mAh Li-ion battery that delivers up to 18 long hours of phone time! All that for just N63,000.

Image result for samsung galaxy j5 black

5. INFINIX HOT S: The Infinix Hot S is definitely one of the most pocket friendly smartphones in the market today. This smartphone is a steal! With the 13 Megapixel front camera and the 8 Megapixel back camera, you are guaranteed stunning photo quality. Although this phone is new to the Nigerian market, it has become the go-to smartphone for several Nigerian bloggers. The pre-installed Movie Magic app makes vlogging a walk in the park! Available from N52,999.

Image result for INFINIX HOT S

6. Sony Xperia Z C6605: At nearly half the price of the C5 Ultra, this smartphone is the phone that keeps on giving. With its 13.1 mega pixel camera, autofocus and strong LED flash, you are guaranteed to take some of the coolest photos ever! It is also perfect for taking close-up shots, aerial shots, blog photos and flat-lays. Dubbed the world’s first smartphone with a HDR video image sensor – to you and I, that simply means that, no matter the lighting situation, this phone takes exceptionally stunning photos and videos.
Sony Xperia Z c6605 Retails from N70,000.

There are 5 more phones that we’ve got our eyes on, if you’ve got a little more to spare for a whole lot more power and features, you definitely want to check these out.

7. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra: Now the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is one of the best smartphones we’ve seen from Sony in a while. With its 13-megapixel camera and distinctive autofocus, you are guaranteed top notch images. The wide angle front camera feature allows you take the most epic group selfies. No wonder it made it into our line up right? Whether you are a fashion, lifestyle, photo blogger or vlogger this phone gives you everything you need to create the best content for your followers. Available from N115,000.

8. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: The rear camera of this phone stands at a trail-blazing 20 Megapixels! Dubbed the ‘portable digital camera’ by Tech heads as well as receiving a nod from renowned photographers and videographers, it’s no wonder it has become a “2nd shooter” for photography enthusiasts. The picture quality on this phone is unbelievable and the contrast and is top notch. This Device is also effective for night time photography. The low light performance feature of this phone makes it highly suitable for this purpose. Remember the first step of photography is getting good quality shots! Lumia 950 XL Available from N129,040.

9. Huawei P9: Huawei really outdid themselves with this one. Huwaei P9 comes with the most incredible manual photography feature that allows you adjust the ISO range from ISO 100-ISO 3200, a professional mode with which you can save your images as RAW files and a host of editing features. The screen of this phone is large, standing at 5.2 inches making the display of photos and videos better. The camera has dual 12 megapixel cameras, two sensors, full HD video resolution and an in built hybrid auto-focus feature which will help you take crisp, professional looking blog photos. Available from N166,700.

10. Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge: The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been dubbed the 2016 Smartphone of the Year by tech junkies and we have to agree. The rear camera stands at 12.2 megapixels while the front camera stands at 5 mega pixels. Built to capture sharp and bubbly images with little or no light available, this function is highly effective for night photography and will save you money, seeing you won’t be needing a professional lighting kit. The Galaxy S7 has a dual 12MP Pixel, in other words, the camera focuses as fast as the human eye! It also focuses on the subject in real time, providing clear and rich images. Great feature to have on a phone, if you are food blogger! Starting from N199,999.

And so with this, we’ve rounded up the 10 best camera phones under N200k, in the market today!

We also recommend some of our favourite photo editing apps to further improve the quality of your content: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, VSCO Cam, Picasa, 1967, Font candy, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Photo Grid, Whitegram.