Who Can Help Me Solve this Last Chance Dilemma?

Like the series that captured my childhood memories, Second Chance and the handsome Salvador living in two hearts as an old man and a farmer; I got my last chance to get back together again with Barbara. To finally make things up.

Just like those awkward moments when you go on a date before and blow it up with one loose sentence. The girl will just pick up her pursue and leave, just like that. I messed up with Barbara and this evening I get one last chance to make it up to the girl of my dreams.

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But I have one problem, I want to get her an iPhone X. This babe loves an iPhone so very much but I don’t have 500,000 naira. If I spent all my savings to get this iPhone X, I should probably hang myself thereafter.

So here is my problem. I want to do Jumia’s Last Chance. This Last Chance is on Friday 8th December, 2017. So I have to promise her this iPhone X as a Christmas gift for December. But here is the bigger dilemma I have.

What if I don’t get the iPhone X for 250,000 naira on Friday’s Treasure Hunt?

Will I use my savings to satisfy the woman I want?

Note: She doesn’t want Samsung S8. It is only iPhone X. And I want to impress this girl. She has a car but this will definitely blow her mind.

Any advice I can get?


    1. Hi Reggie, That might be true but I reckon the iPhone X is laced with the Mida’s touch.

  1. What will blow your mind is when she leaves you in January after buying her IPhone X.

  2. Just believe that even all the treasures hidden on Jumia last chance and in this world can never buy her ‘TRUE LOVE’ that you have for her.

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