Celebrating Easter at home


The world right now might seem as crummy as it has ever been, with most people forced to stay at home amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. But this does not mean we should forget to celebrate the things that make us who we are, or bind us together as a society.

Easter is one of those things, a public holiday that is typically celebrated by entire families packing public places like malls and fast food restaurants. I imagine all those places would be closed today, as we continue to self-isolate in our homes. It is almost surreal to think about, empty shopping malls and fast food restaurants in the middle of a public holiday.

A woman wearing a mask in an empty train

But these are the times we find ourselves in, this movie-like setting that is filled with empty streets and plenty of uncertainty about the future. How long will the global lockdown last for? Is there any actual hope of stopping the spread of the coronavirus? Will things ever go back to normal, even after the virus has run its course? These are just some of the questions that have been keeping us up at night.

And while we might not have the answers to these or any of the other questions we might have, history has thought us this much: the human race has survived worse in the past and we are at our strongest when we come together and stand together as one (while still maintaining some social distancing of course). So let’s celebrate Easter however we can, and don’t forget to send some love to your family and loved ones, be it through phone calls, text messages or video conferencing.

Happy Easter

How have you been celebrating the Easter holidays? Did you already stock up on all the Easter essentials you’ll need? Let us know in the comments section below