Celebrating our essential workers


Today is International Workers’ Day, the one day we’ve set aside every year to celebrate all the workers that keep our businesses and economies going. But in these uncertain days where people are forced to work from home or unable to work at all, we all need to shine our spotlights on a very specific group of workers.

I am of course referring to our doctors, nurses, scientists and other medical professionals, without whom we wouldn’t have a fighting chance of beating the coronavirus, or understanding how to do so. We also need to consider our police officers, armies and other law enforcement agencies, who are helping to keep the peace in the face of potential and actual unrest.

Lastly, we need to appreciate our grocery store clerks, delivery agents and other essential workers out there, who are making the greatest sacrifice of all just to ensure that we still have a semblance of normalcy in our day-to-day lives. You guys are the true heroes.

Happy Workers’ Day everyone.