A Christmas Fairytale


My Dad is of the school of thought that knockouts is a waste of money. For him, it is literally setting money to fire. Money that can be used for something better.

Many times I never agreed with him. I thought it was a fun way to play and I used to be part of the gang.

The gang that waited for days like this. 6 days tillĀ Christmas to bring you the best of tidings. Sometimes we kept budgets for things like these. It’s all part of the Christmas smell and herald of the presence.

For what is a Christmas without knockouts? Even the elders that spit the evil of knockouts to young faces like ours would complain when knockouts are not heard at all.

But these things could be dangerous. Put me in trouble at times. When you have this sort of banger throwing galore and you throw it close to someone who has been eyeing you and clearly warning you to stop.

It’s only then you realise Christmas fairytales can turn the other way.

What are your Christmas experiences, knockout related?

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