Complete Beauty Tips


Blow dry the roots of your hair after applying shampoo to day old hair. After applying dry shampoo to day old hair, blow dry the roots using a round brush. The mix of the dry shampoo and the natural oil will have the same benefits as a volumizer so you’ll get an extra day out of your blow-out and have major volume.

Swap your usual black or brown eyeliner for purple because it’s a subtle way to make the color of your eyes pop. MAC has some of the best eye-shadows for this

If you have zero time to do your makeup, focus on your brows — just fill them in and brush them, then throw on some lip gloss. This is the fastest way to look ‘pulled together’

You can use your eyebrows to make dark under eye circles less noticeable. Just tweeze your brows so they’re straighter-across than arched.

Your blush and lip color should be in the same color family to look more natural.

Rubbing moisturizer actually takes it off your skin and disperses it in different places. Patting it on helps the skin soak it up.

Fragrance rises, so spritz it on your ankles or behind your knees to help your scent last longer
Swipe a dusting of loose powder onto your lashes prior to applying mascara. The powder adheres to the lash, giving it instant volume and thickness.

When choosing a foundation test it on the skin below your jawline, this will help you pick the perfect colour that would blend with your face and neck.

Always clean your make-up tools after each use, because they become breeding grounds for bacteria which cause pimples, eczema etc.

Never brush curls out with a brush, use the tip of your fingers to loosen them, this would give the curls an added lift.

Applying a liquid lip balm and then exfoliate by running a toothbrush over them to remove any dead skin. Gives both men and women softer lips.11

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