Constant Luminous power


luminous products on Jumia

Power is one of the most cherished commodities in Nigeria. The sense of relief you feel when you get home and you don’t have to turn on your noisy generator.

That feeling can be achieved all the time with a Luminous inverter.

Here are few things to consider before buying an inverter:

What does an inverter do?

An inverter changes power from a battery into power that you can use to operate all kinds of devices such as Televisions, lights, computers, kitchen appliances etc. Simply plug your inverter to a battery then plug your devices to the inverter.

What size is suitable for me?

The inverter size you choose should depends on the watts or amps you intend to run. It is recommended you buy a model at least 20% higher than you think you’ll need.

What cable size should I use?

It is advised to keep the cable between your inverter and battery as short as possible. It helps your batteries to perform at their best.

How many batteries do I need?

The inverter can be operated with a 12 volt battery or you can use more than one in order to increase the length of time before your battery needs to be recharged.

The Luminous inverters available on Jumia range from 900VA – 3.5KVA and they are guaranteed to give constant power

This article was written by Damilola Owosekun