Detox water for Fit Fam 2016


Detox Fit fam! As you begin the weight loss journey to join the fit fam the biggest challenge is changing your diet plan to thread the path of the fitfam. Many opt for calorie-cutting methods that help drop the pounds, but Detox is arguable an easier means of curbing your appetite to reduce your calorie intake

Detox water is more than just a mere fad and its approach to burning calories is miraculous. It is the art of infusing food and flavours into your daily water supply

Detox water Jumia Lounge

It eliminates toxins, helps in burning tummy fat, and its refreeshing fruity blend ultimately makes for a healthy and tasty to alternative to most sugary drinks. Here are five detox receipes that will have your insides singing and you denims fitting:

Cucumber Detox: Cucumbers are full of great nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium, vitamin K and potassium. They also prevent water retention and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Detox water fit fam

Watermelon Detox: contains citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve liver function by filtering and getting rid of ammonia, which can damage cells.

Detox water

Lemon Detox: This is by far my most popular detox drink. The addition of ginger will yeild immense fit fam benefit for you.

Lemon Detox water