Discover A Whole New Meaning To Reality TV: The Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart LED TV


Forget robots, radio or rockets. Television must be the greatest invention of all time. You might as well forget football, food or fashion. Nothing else gathers people together the way televisions do. Televisions have so far evolved from black and white to color to digital and smart television and perhaps the smartest of them all is no other than the Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart LED TV.

Blue Gate has been a leader in the mobile and home electronics world for years now and the introduction of the Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart LED TV proves their intent to dictate the pace of technology from now on. The Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart LED TV was built for breathtaking entertainment and provides you with a spectacular sight and stunning sound.  With a 55” screen, regardless of your sitting position in the living room you can be sure you are getting the best seat in the house and you will never miss an inch of the action.

Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart LED


  • Display Size(in):55
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • TV Type: LED Flat-Panel
  • Display Features(select): Full HD
  • Processor Type: Dual Core
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Connectivity: HDMI x3, VGA, AVX2, USB X3, RJ45, WiFi
  • Saves 70% energy


The Blue Gate Android Smart LED television has advanced technology that can display content in full High Definition and crisper picture quality. Blue Gate Smart LED TV resolution is ‘so clear you would think you were there’, displaying 1,080 lines of resolution on screen for a dazzling display. The 55 inches of clarity and crispness entitles you to an excellent entertainment experience and is sure to make your living room the absolute favourite spot in your home.


The Blue Gate 55 inch Android Smart television opens doors to the numerous things you can do with your television. The HDMI X3 port helps you connect your television to devices like game consoles, laptops, DVDs, mobile phones and more. The VGA port on its part gives you the chance to connect your personal computer and laptop to the television for the days where you would rather watch your beloved series on a larger screen. The USB x3 port helps turn your television to a monitor as you can then connect your mouse and keyboard to it. The Wifi connectivity is sure to be a favorite as it allows you to connect your television to an internet connection and as such surf the depths and spheres of the internet.


Equipped with an Android operating system, the Blue Gate Smart television can access content from the Google play store, support for Google’s Play music, Play movies and other apps. The Android OS along with the Wifi connectivity allows you to connect to favourites online destinations such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Google, etc on your television. How amazing is that? You can also customize the home screen to access your most frequently used apps and easily switch between them. If that was not cool enough, your Blue Gate 55 inch Android smart television takes note of your favorite channels/programmes and uses them to find/recommend new things/programs to watch.


With a screen so big, you would be forgiven if you thought the Blue Gate Smart television will shoot your electricity bills through the roof. The good news is that it wouldn’t. The Blue Gate television saves 70% more energy than the average large screen television would.It also has an inbuilt surge protector to protect your television against surges in power which could otherwise damage your TV.


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