Don’t Miss Out on these Best-Selling Items


Affordability! Quality! Convenience! The hallmark of offerings to our customers.

Today, we decided to take a peek at the top selling items on our shoppers list and here is what we found:

Leagoo Kiicaa Power: This Leagoo Kiicaa Power is a super affordable device. Its spots a 5-inch display and goes about its business on the Android 7.0 operation system. Its Quad core processor and 2GB RAM memory allow for swift navigation between apps. It also loaded with a 4000mAh battery to guarantee you with enough juice all day long and is available at only N21,000.

Bata Heiress Comfy Flats: They say fashion is pain but here at Jumia we offer style and comfort. The Bata Heiress Comfy Flat will make you feel like you are on your bed even while on your feet. It retails for N2,450.

GE 1 Pair Wrist watch: Thinking of something to get your boo at Valentine? You will be surpised that the little things in life will score you some amazing romantic points. Check out the GE 1 pair of couple of wrist– stylish, audacious and affordable. Sold for N1,290

Men Canvas: Basically, you can declutter for the sake of mental health and free up precious closet real estate, but don’t discard the pieces that will never, ever go out of fashion. The men canvas can be rocked on denim, chinos and even shorts. It is available at N5,400

Mercedes Benz: It is a luxury perfume for lovers and drivers of luxury. its scent accentuates class and speaks for itself. It retails for N17,999

Andrea Fast Hair Growth Essence: Growing your hair is like a relationship. It requires dedication, commitment and of course the application of a good hair product to alter the course of any genetic mishap to your hair. The Andrea Hair Growth Essence is tested, trusted and primed for sterling results. You can be sure your hair is in good hands.

SHIFUREN PLAIN SMART LOAFERS:  From classic to modern, to cool and hip..we’ve got the perfect loafers to add to your wardrobe! The Shifuren Plain Smart loafers is very comfortable and will fit into almost any style. It is available at N2,999