Meet Mrs Eno Samuel, Jumia’s Employee Of The Year!


Incase you missed it, during the days leading up to Worker’s Day, Jumia decided to reward hard-working Nigerians. To win was simple, you simply needed to nominate your candidate by sending an entry of not more than 50 words on why you believe your choice person should win the prestigious award! Entries were also collected via social media and if anything was learnt it was that there are thousands of hard-working, ingenious and dedicated Nigerians nationwide.

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At the end of the day, after a lot of sorting, scrutiny and deliberation the winner of the Employee Of The Year is no other than Mrs Eno Samuel! She came to our office to mingle with us, have a chat and redeem her prize.

Here is a little profile on the most hard-working Nigerian:

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Name: Mrs Eno Samuel

Date of Birth: 22 July 1969

Occupation: Civil Servant

About Her: Mrs Eno Samuel was worked for 27 years in the Police Force where she has won a lot of awards and gone to receive them in countries such as Italy, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and more. She has only won Civil Servant Of The Year by the Lagos Polytechnic and is presently attached to the Ikotun branch Police Station.

Philosophy of Life: Believe in hard work and self discipline. Whatever you do put in your best.

Advice To Nigerian Workers: No matter how small your office is, do your best, you never know.

To Jumia: Thank you Jumia!

And from us in Jumia we say a big thank you to Mrs Eno Samuel.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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