Enter the Jumia Local Small Business Pitch for a chance to win $1,000


Got a small business plan or idea that could potentially impact the Nigerian market? Need funds to grow this business? Jumia is here to help. Here is an opportunity to expand your business by participating in the Jumia Local Small Business Pitch for a chance to win $1,000. Follow these simple steps to qualify:

Here is how to participate in the Jumia Local Business Pitch:

  • Share your idea or tell us about an already existing business you are running in 140 characters or less on the blog, on any of our social media platforms, or you can email your submission to [email protected]
  • 3 finalists will be invited to pitch in person at the Jumia Nigeria office in 2 weeks
  • 1 winner will be awarded the sum of $1,000

Fine Print*

  • Finalists will be expected to make their own plans to and from Lagos for their pitch upon receipt of notice.
  • The prize is a business investment to help boost local SME and business participation, notcash reward.
  • The business must be Nigeria-owned, Nigeria-based and Nigeria-active model, #JumiaKeepsItLocal.

18 thoughts on “Enter the Jumia Local Small Business Pitch for a chance to win $1,000”

  1. Due to the recession in Nigeria. Many as find it difficult to eat the three square meal.
    My self and my brother come up with an Idea of making tuwo (maize flower) in a park. As that is what majority goes back to now.
    This will help the everybody who is interested in the pack to buy out at the retail shop easily. It also let the rich and busy people who are interested in the food to buy it easily.

  2. Unisex Salon is a lucrative business if is situate and locate in a sensitive area and it create employment to our youths both male and female in our society. If you can give me this opportunity I will do my best to make jumia,society and my country proud let make Nigeria great again and am proud of jumia for this program it we youth to express our business idea God bless Nigeria and jumia #JumiaKeepItLocal

  3. like me when i looking to problem we are facing in Nigeria now because when graduate wit good grade still outside there seeking for a job. that’s y i think we all young students that try to study now must have another way to survive like have a business or hand work. That’s reason y i go to learn phone software.

  4. I am an upcoming fashion designer with great zeal and passion to move my business to its peak. I design female apparel and source quality and attractive fabrics for the female folks. As a master degree holder from the great citadel of learning; university of Ibadan, I believe in self dependent. This passion and goals has driven me to empower close pal and I wish to spread my tentacles to reach out to other goal driven individuals. This will help to create job employment and self establishment for those i am able to train, it lessen the over burden of youth seeking white collar job and create a peaceful, friendly and enabling environment for all.

  5. Qollars Men’s Style:
    Cloth subscription
    Cloth alteration
    Tailoring app
    Personal styling
    Buy Qollars = orphan gets free t-shirt

  6. I’m into poultry farming, and we all know that poultry farming is a very good business in the whole world in general. I’m into layer birds which simply means that I deal with eggs and I have customers patronising me already, ofcos we all know how fast moving egg business is in the world in general. I’ve try to secure loan in some banks and organisations to meet up with the level of demand I’m getting everyday course the demand keep going high, but my efforts to secure a loan was all to no avail. I was so glad when I saw this golden opportunity from jumia on my blackberry notification from jumia channel. I will be so happy if I’m the lucky winner of the] $1000 cos it’s going to be a dream fulfilment to me and some fresh graduates of agriculture out there in the nearest future. THANKS

  7. this is my business plan,a match viewing centre, where people come to watch their team play, no too big not too small,not fancy, but comfortable for the viewers,each viewer pays the sum of 100 naira,the first 2 person pay a sum of 50 naira,planing it should be a 200 siter capacity, got the land n site for it,got the dish ,generator to power up the place, but

  8. I am a student of federal university of agriculture Abeokuta, I am into catering services, there is a cinema body that shows cinemas on campus ever Friday, but we have few people who does small business by selling edible and non edible, but I’m looking into selling of cup cakes at least 500 cupcakes every Fridays, we have a large number of viewers, and no one sells such, but I know of a lot of people who have love for cakes but no one is selling, I plan bringing the cakes in different styles, buttercream and fondant covers, making it lively by adding details, like names, natures, fashion brands, Smileys in edible forms, if I am able to do this, I will be able to assist my self and other people in the society, which would improve the economy, and as it goes on likely to provide employment for fellow student as well…

  9. #JumiaKeepsItLocal
    I have been manually milling coconut oil for the past one and half years. My customers mainly constitute people I meet at work n on social media network. Profits has been good but the stress of manually milling it is where the issue is. With a machine it would be faster n cheaper to customers.

  10. Hi. My business idea is one that aims at improving the quality of food eaten by students around campuses. I idea is to open a breakfast cafe where Tea, coffee, chips and Omelet or chicken, smoothies would be sold at a rather cheaper price. I’ve surveyed most campuses and realized that only a handful of campuses get this kind of service. One major importance of this idea is that I would employ individuals locally most especially students so as to foster a student friendly business environment. #JumiaKeepItLocal

    Having discovered the adverse effects attached to the improper
    cultivation, storage and unhygienic packaging of some food items in
    local markets, I think its high time the people who have been left
    with no options, got alternative means of getting the best even from a
    rebranded local store which I would love to establish, as its
    currently operating on a “family-consumption” level.

    The business idea is based on the local production of vegetable items
    which would be rebranded in an appealing manner,for consumption
    benefits of all and sundry.

    The target market is basically those who have given up all hope of
    getting “health-friendly” farm products; vegetables mainly, and have
    resolved to settling down for the less. The business is aimed at
    rebranding locality and representing it in a grand style.

    The marketing strategies include social media advertising, as well as
    personal engagements with prospective customers.

    I think the grand prize will just do it.

  12. There are over 25,000 students in FUTO. QuickieMeals will be a mid-scale online restaurant that’ll make food available at their convenience.

  13. My business idea, is to become a major distributor of palm oil, grandnut oil product and also to invest more on my plantain farm

  14. FONAS FOODS is an organised retail store that supplies and delivers fresh farm produce to doorstep of homes,restaurant ,hotels and grocery stores. We supply only farm produce such as yams,tomatoes,tatashe,bawa,ogbono,crayfish,snails,fresh fish,okro,fruits and vegetables. We deliver fresh to doorstep. We help solve the problem of women having to juggle the market after work or women looking for affordable products and ended up using disnfectants afterwards or restaurants & hotels worried about supply of produce to them to meet deadline of orders. We have about 4 staff and we keep it fresh and local. #jumiakeepitlocal

  15. am a hairstylist I have worked on my business so much because it is what I have passion for,I will be really happy if jumia can give me the opportunity to showcase my passion as a hairstylist and to upgrade my business,so I can open the door of opportunities to my fellow citizens of Nigeria.

  16. We believe the future of retailing is online. The increasing speed of our telecommunication and the advent of more cost effective smartphone system and cheaper internet broadband data have increased internet penetration.
    Waffymall will offer customers, in towns and communities around Nigeria, the products that are popular and also seek to introduce new and innovative products nationwide.
    The difference between Waffymall and other e-commerce websites is that Waffymall is focused on low-income and middle class customers. The target customers are low income earners and middle class Nigerians. Our target customers will look forward to low cost products that are of immense value.
    Waffymall is established first and foremost to make a contribution to society and to offer low cost innovative products to her customers and give them the best quality at the cheapest price.
    We hope to position as ourselves as a truly Nigerian company made for the world as we provide value to our customers via lower prices.
    Our core value has a company shall be based on what we call the 3 P’s (People – Product – Profit)
    We are to serve the community by providing products and services of superior quality at a fair price to our customers so as to earn an adequate profit which is required for the enterprise to grow and by so doing provide the opportunity for our employees and shareholders to achieve their reasonable personal objectives.
    Waffymall is established first and foremost to make a contribution to society. Anyone who cannot accept profit as one of the most important (objective) of this company has no place either now or in the future or the management of this company. Profit is the cornerstone of what we do; it is a measure of our contribution and a means of self-financed growth. The point in fact is to win, and winning is judged in the eyes of the customer and by doing something you can be proud of. If we provide real satisfaction to real customers – we will be profitable.
    Customers Centric
    Work with passion, commitment, and enthusiasm
    Continuous improvement, never being satisfied.
    Pursue higher goals
    Excellence in reputation, being part of something special
    To provide a wide range of valuable products at reasonable prices.
    To achieve a healthy profit margin within the first year.
    To achieve a modest net profit by year two.
    To be an active and vocal member of the community, and provide continual re-investment through participation in community activities and financial contributions.

  17. I’m into farming, and we all know that poultry farming is a very good business in the whole world in general. I’m into fish pound. I’ve try to secure loan in some banks and organisations to meet up with the level of demand I’m getting everyday course the demand keep going high, but my efforts to secure a loan was all to no avail. i think, we all young students that try to study now must have another way to survive like have a business or hand work, due to the situation of the country presently

  18. I want start a pig farm. I already have a piece of land which is fenced.

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