Expert Barbers Totally Recommend These Clippers


What do you want from a clipper? You’d say sharp blades, little or no noise when in use, less heat produced by the motor and even a handy, easy to use design. We asked our expert barbers about their recommended characteristics of the makings of a great hair clipper.

The Phillips Series 3000 Home Clipper HC3100/13 and Series 5000 Pro Clipper HC5100/13 come highly recommended. They check on all (yes, all) of the qualities of a great clipper. The following qualities top the charts on the lists given by top barbers.

Sharp Blades

A good clipper should be SHARP! It is should do the task for which is was designed right? They come with strong stainless steel blades. We understand the stress of having to sharpen your blades all too often so it has been improved to last four times longer.

Motor Power

The efficiency of any machine is how much of the input is converted to output. Energy is lost due to friction and heat. Okay, to drive it home, the noise from a clipper is also a form of energy, hence efficiency is lost. Not to worry, the copper motor coil was designed for optimum efficiency so noise is minimal when using.

Ease of Use

Say bye to humongous clippers that are difficult to hold. All that hassle of working your fingers so hard to ensure you reach every strand. This one has a textured, anti-slip handle that makes it convenient for every time you have to shave obscure corners of the head or chin.

Gentle on Skin

The stainless steel blades were designed to be gentle and comforting for your skin and hence reduce the possible occurrence of the much-dreaded bumps.

Easy to Clean/Maintain

It’s not enough that it is easy to use, the best clippers are cleaned without stress. These clippers come with click-on combs that are well spaced out. This makes maintenance super easy.

Asides these, it should be durable, reliable and pocket-friendly not to even mention the health benefits of owning your blades.

Go on, make your choice from this collection!

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