Fashion Buyers Top 10 picks: Female shoes


Hello Ladies,

Are you as excited as i am when it comes to your shoe collection? Shoes define your look that is why most times we get judged by the shoes we wear because you can tell a person’s personality by the shoes they wear.

Not to laugh at people that don’t wear trendy shoes but Ladies how do you choose your shoes?

I am crazily in love with shoes and you know very well that a lady can never have enough shoes. I always make sure I take notes from our fashion buyer once they get new shoes on the website. She always makes sure to hint me so my collection is never lacking. I also call my shoes my babies because they are very dear to me, my most recent babies are the new Kelsi Dagger Eliza- Blush/black shoes so perfect on my petite feet I am just waiting for that special work that I will add them to a neat corporate dress.

Back to choosing shoes, Our female Shoe Buyer ‘Vanessa Onwudiwe‘ has selected top 10 picks for the season from our fashion collection. These shoes are made for walking and that’s just what they do and you bet they will take you places.

Vanessa describes her style to be more elegant and colorful when it comes to her shoe taste. Whether you’re an heels and Cocktail dress kind of girl or Formal and corporate look or the flats and casual type, Vanessa has selected a pair that will match your personality and also your wardrobe selection this season.

Check out Vaness’s Top 10 favorites in our female shoes category!!!


1.[rad-hl]Madison Georgia- Purple[/rad-hl]

2.[rad-hl]Launch Fuchsia Suede Pump with Gold toe cap[/rad-hl]

3.[rad-hl]Kelsi Dagger Fernanda – Tan[/rad-hl]

4.[rad-hl]Kelsi Dagger Elzia-Blush/black[/rad-hl]


6.[rad-hl]XTI Open Toe High Heel- Navy Blue[/rad-hl]

7.[rad-hl]Cheyenne – Marble Snake[/rad-hl]

8.[rad-hl]TNL Designs leopard print court shoes[/rad-hl]

9.[rad-hl]Kelsi Dagger carmantine[/rad-hl]

10.[rad-hl]Joia Geometric Print Pointy Flats – Purple[/rad-hl]


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