Five Household Gadgets With Surprising Alternative Uses


What if I was to tell you that you can use a coffee maker to cook noodles or your microwave oven to dye a fabric? You’d probably think I am insane, right? Well, let’s see who’s insane with the creative ways these everyday household gadgets are adapted for weird use.

1. The Hair Dryer…For Starting Fires
I would say ‘don’t try this at home’ lest it turns into an inferno. But imagine you are camping and need to light a fire. A blast of hot air from the dryer can speedily fire up the embers. Give it trial if you doubt me.


2. The Microwave Oven…For Dyeing Fabric
You have a fabric you want to dye? Who knew a microwave oven was  a hidden dye accelerator. Well, I do. Rather than wait for eons for the dye to catch, your microwave can highly accelerate the dye drying reaction, drastically reducing the time of conventional drying to mere minutes.

Household Gadgets

3. The Rice Cooker…For the Luxury Spa Experience

No spa day for you? Never mind. Get a towel, steam it in a rice cooker, wrap it around your body. Sit back on a chaise lounge and enjoy the soothing goodness of a home spa.


4. The Freezer…For Reviving Hard Drives and Cleaning Denim

Crazy but easy. Put the jeans in a sealable bag and stuff it in the freezer for a week. This kills the bacteria, removes the smell, and restores the crispness of new denim. Voila! Your average freezer can also prolong battery life, and even temporarily revive crashed computer hard drives long enough to retrieve important data. I bet you did not know that.

Household Gadgets

5. The Coffee Maker…For Making Noodles
I think some of us might have probably tried this back in boarding school. Yes, you guessed it right, the coffee maker can be used to prepare noodles when you are out of gas or cooking fuel and you need to make that food ASAP.

Household Gadgets

So you see, I am not crazy afterall. Just imaginative. Do you have any other gadgets you have used for alternative purposes? Let’s hear it in the comment below.

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