Five rules to observe in a Long Distance Relationship


Love is a beautiful thing. It is the game of emotions. It is that magic that keeps spinning in your heart. When you are in love, you are in love. It is obvious, and you know it. It is super sweet and refreshing.

Long distance relationships are a bigger battle of love. It is a love trial where your emotions would be well tested. Many times the idea of a long distant relationship is easy. Calling each other everyday and following up with your online messengers. Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Face time or Facebook video calls.

When you get into relationships like this, you have to realize that communication is key. And the more you falter in communicating with your partner, the more your relationship fire dies out. The death of a long distant relationship is always slow, it is an accumulation of little things.

And if you don’t already know, the little things matter the most. Here are five rules to observe in a long distance relationship.


Let me spell it out, if you are not ready to communicate in a long distance relationship, don’t even try it out. Just stay clear. If you are not willing to burn credit and data; don’t bother.

If you are going to be too busy with work and too tired to call, then don’t even pursue it.

Girls want attention, they want time. Guys love to hustle and work, they deserve respect. So any time you decide to communicate via any medium (Data, Call or text); keep to it!

Now don’t wait for the other partner to call. Stop scheduling who will call or text, as if it is work. Relationship is not work that you will be shifting responsibilities. Communicate any time you miss each other. If you can’t communicate, don’t even start!


People need their space. They need time off! We all know that for the guys, Saturdays are for EPL, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for UCL. and Sundays are for La Liga. This means they won’t really have time except you are with them, which is practically impossible because it is a Long Distance Relationship. So he will be having guys out, don’t be worried if your calls are ignored. Everyone needs to work and play, give them that space!

Emotional fluctuations:

Know how to keep your emotions in check when happy, displeased or sad or don’t accept a long distance relationship proposal. If you are moody, tell him to call you back. If you angry at him or someone else, don’t take it out on him.

Argue less:

The Guy code is quite simple. Except they are not in it for the real deal. If they are in it for sure, they will pledge fealty to you. But don’t take that access for granted. Reduce your arguments. It is a wastage of precious time you have to communicate. Imagine how much data or airtime, you will be wasting on trading blames.

Communication effectively:

Settle the issues by going straight to the point. Demand your apology, and you will get it. Move on, and stop recording the number of wrongs. Too many arguments will eat you up. Just communicate! Communicate well always.


This is the golden rule. You have to learn to always trust each other. The moment you begin to doubt, ask questions and clarify. If you fail to do so, you have already lost your partner.

No relationship is easy and long distant relationships are by far the most challenging. No rules are automatic, but these ones are worth considering.

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