Who is a foodie? Find out if you are one


Being a self-declared foodie myself, I can tell you there are some pretty tell-tale signs you’re a foodie if you’re not sure. Foodies are in love with food, whether it’s healthy or not. Most likely, they know everything you could imagine about flavors, nutrition, and could be a professional guide to someone in a supermarket. Not sure if you qualify? Check out these sure-fire signs you’re a foodie, and if so, declare it loud and proud!

Here are a few signs that you are a foodie:

You regularly instagram photos of your meals. You know a foodie when the instagram account looks like a menu

Grocery shopping is your favourite thing to do. You would not miss it for anything.

You like free food and would stop at nothing to get it even if you can afford it. Team #FOC

Your favourite magazines are Food magazines and Food Channel is your favourite TV station on DSTV

You read recipes as a means of entertainment

When you’re more excited to eat local food than see tourist spots in other countries

You know you’re a foodie when you leave an important state function to address your stomach

Your response to a date is determined by the meal not by the person or location

You own more kitchen appliances than your hair tools

When your tongue can distinguish between black, whiite, green, yellow and red

You will ditch a party if there is no food. Especially those that love jollof rice

You know you’re a foodie when you start salivating reading this article

You know you’re a foodie when your best friend is the refrigerator and you dream about her

You know you’re a foodie when you’re ferociously browsing through a food magazine before an interview, not even a miracle can cure your appetite

Food comes before fashion

Feel free to add to the list.