Four Surprising Uses of the Hair dryer


The hair-dryer is essentially used to dry hair after washing but do you know there are other uses of the hair dryer that you might find surprising? Yes there are.They are quite innovative and could come in handy during desperate times.

Remove Crayon Marks from the Wall:

Your kid gets back from school and tries to impress (actually annoy) you because they just learnt fine-art in their class. All the walls are stained all over with crayon marks. Before you scream, get your hair dryer, blow hot air on the wall and watch it melt out the crayon wax. Clean off with a moist towel. As simple as ABC.

Hair Dryer

Light up your fire:
This was previously mentioned here. When in a picnic or probably in a camp, the hair dryer can be used to intensify fire from charcoal or firewood.

Hair Dryer
Defrost food
Let’s say you want to quickly warm a frozen food without having to go through the trouble of microwaving it, the hair dryer comes in handy. Just point the hair dryer to the frozen food and allow it melt the ice away.

Spot-Iron your clothes
Need to iron out a wrinkle on your clothing asap? Dampen the spot, and use the hair dryer to blow dry the targeted area. That’s all!

Hair Dryer
Do you have any other thing you use your hair dryer for? Kind share in the comment section below.

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