This is the ultimate TGIF! Nothing makes Nigerians happier than a stretched weekend and we have got the Sallah break to thank for this. While some of us might not be Muslims, we can all agree we look forward to these holidays so lets hook you up with a few activities you must not miss:

The Sallah Meat: If you have any doubts as to which of the breaks the ram is being slaughtered, it is this one! Incase you have only heard of the magnificence of the sallah meat, it is better than described and will get you singing “I believe I can fly”.

Get some TLC: Where you are single, married or in a relationship you need to give yourself a treat. Use this opportunity to lean back, relax and just be taken care of and do the same for your partner.If you’re not in any relationship, get a manicure, finally go to the spa, eat something you’ve been craving, go shopping or just netflix and chill. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you awesome afterward.

Spend Quality Time With Family:  A man’s home is where is family is and we all know family is everything.  They deserve every moment you spend with them, whether you all are couched like a potato in front of the television or out at the beach or cinema having a good time or a weekend getaway.

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