Your Full Beauty Solutions Kit, Delivered!


You want to slay your beauty goals right? Then the following areas must be well covered. Healthy hair, (of course, beards make the list too), flawless pro-ish make-up and nails, a signature scent and a body you love! We’ve got your full beauty kit. Everything. Yes, everything and anything you’d ever need to take care of that wonderful body of yours. Every part of the body needs its separate custom attention and care. Our health and beauty store contains a full solution to your everyday beauty needs and concerns.


Hair loss days are gone! (Thought I heard an amen). Shop all your favourite essential oils, almond, coconut, avocado, name it. Oil to Jamaican black castor oil. Beard Oil.













Glow-up, will ya! Get that melanin popping. Facial scrubs and masks, rosewater and all your favourite oils. Doing a lot of outdoors this period? Then you’d be needing sunscreen to protect your skin. Bentonite Clay, activated charcoal, don’t forget your regular exfoliation too.











Ladies gather in here. We know you do not enjoy buying one make-up item here and moving around town to get its complementary piece. That’s why we have everything you need to achieve a flawless look, from start to finish, primer to bronzer!

















Finish off your entire ensemble with a signature scent. Your fragrance is like an outer garment that gives your appearance a kind of aura and vibe. So distinguish yourself with our collection of perfumes for him and her. 

















There is a zillion more where these came from, so go ahead and click here to stock up on all your beauty needs.