The fun part of Christmas


The fun part of Christmas is killing the sacrificial lamb. In this case, it can either signify taking the head of the Chicken, ram or cow as the case seems.

Let’s take chicken, one that we can easily relate. It is that time you get this feeling of fear, fear that you are about to take a life. For me, the undisputed Christmas butcher of all livestock, I need to always take inventory accordingly. 

And argue for the death of the chicken ethically and unethically. It is then you remember you are the human rights activist and life is really hard to replace. To even take a chicken’s life is subjected to counter and cross counter debates. And for people that are scared of killing chickens, like my pretty sister, she would hide in a corner and wonder how I can easily take a life in one hard struggle and squeeze.

Not to forget the many scenarios killing a Chicken espouses. The fact that some chickens actually don’t want to die and after killing them, they resurrect back to life.

I will tell you this very funny story of chicken resurrections. It happened that many years ago, back when I had all my childhood friends around me, one of their mums attempted to kill a Chicken.

She killed the chicken expecting to provide her children a Christmas treat, after a rather short vacation they were to arrive from.

But the chicken didn’t die. The oesophagus was uncut. And after killing the supposed Chicken; it of course resurrected to stare my friend’s mum in the face.

She ran away from the house and couldn’t believe her eyes. Timely intervention of the neighbors was what stopped our lovely mum from propagating stories about a Chicken resurrecting on the day Christ was born! 

Moving away from that, people like me don’t get a chance to shy away from killing chickens. My parents have laid down rules.

“If you don’t kill that chicken, we will not do Christmas.”

That’s their caveat. And it always works on me. I can’t spend Christmas other than with family, no matter how bad; I just love spending festivities in their warmth and love.

So, I end up killing the Chicken. I can’t even miss this Christmas for anything. I want to get that threat again and kill the chicken again! 

But people have this talk that Christmas is all about sharing and caring.

I think we should change that ideal. For many of us in this part of the world; our humanitarian service is just for a moment. Just for a second with many pressmen around, all looking to gain attention. It should not be so! Christmas is not just the season of sharing and caring. Every single day 365, 366 should be used to share and care.

Merry Christmas people! Keep my chicken!