Game Review: Lego Batman 3


Hello J fam,
We already know about the Lego toys and even the movie adaptation of the Lego Batman series but I am sure most of us do not know there is a game tied to the franchise.


Do not be deceived by the name though,it is not entirely a batman game as shown in the box, it pretty much can pass as DC comic game as it includes other superheroes like superman, wonder woman and the rest but despite the character shift, the game still manages to provide a decent amount of content and features to entice the fans.

Lego Batman 3

Lego Batman 3 is as fun as Lego games come, but it needs to be taken with a dose (or two) of patience. If you are a fan of the game, you have to forgive the shortcoming of this game because it is not in any way similar to the original batman “dark knight” games. Nope, far from it.


Lego Batman 3
If you are a Lego lover, this is probably the game for you. It has a good story line and it is easy to play, I would recommend it for the younger ones or the young at heart.

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